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Boredom = pointless blog post.

But I make no apologies. I’m bored and blogging somewhat relieves that boredom. Shurrup.

So, it’s only now that I’m finding myself in my bedroom without my desk that I’m realising how essential a desk is in a bedroom.

My room up North is too small for one. But I need my desk. Ironically, when I was at school – particularly that last year of school – I used to hate the thought of having to sit down at my desk and ‘do work’. I used to think of work as a chore (hell, I still will at uni no doubt), hence why I used to do a lot of my homework sitting cross-legged on my bed, like how I am sitting now.

But I think that’s the problem – we associate different things with different places. I used to think desk = schoolwork, therefore I preferred to steer clear of my desk. However, now it has become bed = the place where I sit all day chatting online/tumblring/blogging/youtubing, and because of this I am craving some other creative space. Somewhere to make things with glue and patterned paper and glitter, somewhere to write, somewhere to organise myself…

In this respect, I really want to get back down to my room at CH and sort out my books and things on that huuuuuuuge desk of mine. Of course there are many other reasons that I want to return too – the people, the parties, the foooood, the getting-away-from-here part of it all… 🙂 Yeah, I’ve fully convinced myself. Adelaide was never an option for me, and I don’t really see the point in doing a half-year transfer to Auckland. In my opinion, it’s probably best to get back down to Chch asap so that some form of normality can begin to take shape. My grades will otherwise likely be screwed, if not already after that first psych lecture…

In other news, it’s raining. A lot. It’s also my birthday soon. But sooner than that, I get to see you again on Weds 😀 Happyhappyhappy times! Although maybe not as happy as your time last night, heeyyyyyy? 😛 I kid! I just with I could’ve been there to witness it so I could effectively use it against you when next you accuse me of murdering my liver, hahaha.

I’m feeling Arctic Monkeys-ish:

PS. I wish I was a cat. They have the easiest, most perfect lives. And when I think of cats I think of Alex Boyd and NOW I HAVE THAT GODDAMNED CATSUIT IMAGE THING IN MY HEAD. GODDAMNIT GO AWAAAAAAAAAY. Grr. It’s just cruel that that even exists (no offense intended).


^ I believe that’s a generic term for ‘WTF, annoyed, frustrated, FFFFFFFUUUUUUU~, etc.’

Today would be fantastic if I didn’t have exams a week away and was spending today at the beach like last summer, but hello reality. Why is the one subject I need to study for the one I can’t. I am going to be so much happier on the afternoon of November 5th. I don’t care that I’ll still have the majority of my exams left to sit, I’ll have finished maths! (providing I pass…)

Anyway, this is actually just a pointless, rambling post that doesn’t really need to exist, but as I’ve started I might as well finish. Donc, aujourd’hui:

– Woke up feeling great because I only overslept my 7:30am alarm by half an hour (usually setting my alarm for this kind of time during holidays/weekends results in me eventually surfacing at 9:30 or something just as useless…)

– Maths day, yay! And it’s sunny so I can sit outside and do it, great! Anything to make it a bit more bearable. Except, no. I just can’t do it. Well, I can do some of it and I even kinda taught myself some vectors stuff (although it’ll be a miracle if it sticks in my brain). But I just don’t know what it is. I must just have some super-human ability to find distractions in everything. Although, yesterday doing ecosystems wasn’t too bad. Aha, conclusion! It’s just maths. It has to be. No other logical explanation really.

– One good thing that has emerged from me sitting outside trying to study, is a bit of a tan. Yay 😀 Although me being tanned this early on in the summer means that by New Year’s I’m either going to be black as the next Westie you bump in to in Massey, or red and peeling like a little shrimp. Lovely image, I know. But that’s the inconvenient truth of being an Englishwoman in New Zealand.

– Also, I keep getting worried that my calculator is going to blow up. Or frazzle. What effect does the sun have on calculators? Or laptops, or any electrical equipment that may oh-so-innocently be used outside? Just a thought.

– And I’ve sorted out a bit of income for myself over the couple of weeks I have left living here between finishing exams and moving up North. Via a lovely and rather unexpected email conversation with my manager this morning, I’ve got a shift and a half either side of Grad Dinner weekend (means I’m working Mum’s birthday, mwahahahaha!) but stuff it, I need to make my own money if she’s not gonna give me any. So I have to write them a little letter of resignation just to be all official, then that’ll be that. It’s quite sad really, I liked that place.

That’s it I think. Half an hour of study has just been lost forever (actually, when I put it like that it’s a little bit ‘Ooh shit, my future? Exams?! Eeek.’) but as the clouds have decided to come and play, I think I’ll leave you with these and go inside to attempt to re-teach myself vectors.

This is my god forsaken maths class. As you can see, it’s (generally) not me and my class that have the problem, it’s just me and Maths.

And this is just another cute song 😀

10 ’til 6.

I DID IT! 40 home-made cue cards later and I’ve succeeded in keeping myself away from facebook and here for 8 whole bloody hours. See, I do have some self-control.

Admittedly, I haven’t quite finished all my work. I’ve spent all day working (literally – I’ve moved from my chair for lunch and to make two cups of coffee) but I’m still only on scene four of seven of The Glass Menagerie. Oh well, at least I know I’m doing things in detail, maybe. I’ll do a few more tonight but finish them off in the morning, then do les mathematiques tomorrow.

I’ve just created one of these – http://www.yourworldoftext.com/boatsagainstthecurrent. It’s basically a blank page which can be edited by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thought it could be fun. And it’s completely anonymous, so anyone can write whatever the hell they want. Please do it. I like reading secret messages.

Et finalement (that is my token bit of French study), it’s so light! I like getting into my pyjamas and dressing gown at around 6 if I’m staying home, but I feel awful doing it when the sun’s still shining outside. Guess these means summer’s on its way. Again. Things never stay around for long enough, do they.

So, tell me –


OK, I’ve been putting off writing this post until I can actually afford to, but now I’m finally/already in bed with my hot water bottle and cat (he’s a one night only kinda thing i.e. it must be bloody cold outside for him to actually want to stay in my room because usually my brother steals him) I can get writing 🙂

So, take any weekend on facebook. We all have a few of those ‘friends’/people-who-we-met-once-at-a-party-and-barely-know who, every Sunday/Saturday/both/any day after they’ve been out the night before post a highly original status proclaiming their ‘EPIC NIGHT LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!’ or letting us know of their ‘BANGIN’ weekend!!!! Shit son!’ Now, I hate to be a party-pooper and all that, but if it was that good a night, in my books, you generally don’t wake-up from your zombified slumber until 7 days later by which time you don’t have time to announce your awesome antics on facebook due to the fact that you kinda have a hell of a lot of ‘life’/IB work to catch up on. So, seeing as ‘epic weekend’s’ look set to be on hold for a few months (or at least as of this coming weekend until the end of November), I thought I’d compile a list of a particularly monumental weekend for me, your fairly typical IB kid.

– It’s universally agreed that whoever decided to put the hand-in deadline for Extended Essay and SL Maths Portfolio on the same day at exactly the same time is, for want of a better word, an absolute bloody dickhead. I think I’m one of the few lucky ones who handed in their essay before the weekend. (Believe me, it wasn’t planned, it just sort of happened. It’s funny how things do that.) But yes, that makes a slightly epic weekend in my opinion. Two very major assignments completed and (hopefully will be) handed in before 8:30am tomorrow. (And I would apologise to those still at it 10 hours before these things are due, but honestly, at what point do you realise you’re ‘behind’? When it’s too late, obviously.)

– As I said before, I’m not a party-pooper. In fact, to take the words of Rico from Hot Rod, “I’m Emma, and I like to party!” Well yeah, anywaaaaay. The fact that all work is done AND I got a bit of a boogie in there makes this weekend twice as successful. And, if I realised one very important thing this weekend, it would be to definitely, if you’re going to go out and party or drink or whatever, do it on a Friday. For starters it gives you two days recovery if you reeeeally need it, but also…Friday…end of the week (beginning of the work)…might as well start it well. You’ll also find you waste so much less time (if you’re female anyway) with the whole ‘getting ready’ fiasco. Average time taken getting ready on a Saturday = 2-3 hours (inc. shower, drying hair, straightening hair, choosing clothes etc.); average time taken getting ready on a Friday = 1/2 hour (inc. go to friend’s after school, already chosen clothes, pre-drinks etc.) So oui, Friday is the new Saturday. (This is probably old news but I live in an IB shell; news such as this radiates back into the atmosphere and doesn’t reach my ears.)

– Finally, the people. I won’t go into the details of every conversation I’ve had this weekend (and I’m yet to decided whether I should name people in this blog or not…we’ll see), but my, I do love my friends 😀 Especially those who were so lovely on Friday night, those who have been living at the bottom of my screen in the facebook chat tab doing maths portfolio all weekend with me, those who are just such bloody amazing people, those who I can have a spontaneous conversation with about anything one night and just be cool about it, those who I can bitch with about certain infuriating c**ts, those who compliment you randomly… All these people make my life so much better. They make me forget about (or at least put into perspective) all the school work that seems to take over at times, and make me feel at home. But you, especially, make my life worth living. You are my best friend, despite the cliché, and I’m so lucky to be able to call you mine 😀 Thank you.

And FINALLY! The real, de-proofed ball photos that I promised almost 2 months ago. I love you 🙂

OK, why?

Getting there with this Extended Essay (finally…final bloody draft’s only due on Monday…) but I was thinking. Why is it so much easier to convince yourself not to do something than it is to do something?

Like, take this flippin’ essay. As I’m doing right now and have been since December last year, I’ve convinced myself that I can put off doing it and have fooled myself with reasons why: ‘Oh come on, you’ve started it…you’ve earned a break.’ or ‘You’ve only got about 5 whole bloody pages to go…do the rest after dinner.’ It’s stupid really because now I’m stuck here rushing to finish it to a totally shoddy quality. And I know it’s dumb, so why?

It’s the same with other things in life. These holidays I’ve told myself so many lies.
• ‘It’s OK that you haven’t even started your WL2 essay…you’ve been doing your EE.’ – yeah, hardly.
• ‘I have a full bank account after transferring my UK money over to NZD so it’s alright to  spend $200 this week.’ – but it’s not really, is it.
• ‘Because I get home at midday from a friend’s house, I’m allowed to have a pyjama day.’ – in reality, it’s just laziness.

And I think that’s ultimately what it comes down to – laziness. It’s like the Doctor Who episode last week, ‘The Lodger’. Craig’s a lazy bugger with no aspirations who only decides to move off of his arse when Sophie tells him she wants to work overseas. Really, it’s like we convince ourselves that if we stay put, things will be alright. I guess it’s true to a certain extent – the less risks you take the less risk there is of bad things happening. But there’s some things you just have to do. I think I need to realise that.

Sooo, resolution for this term until THE END OF SCHOOL!!!!! – get shit done. I’m sure I’ve told myself this before, but I might try and stick to it this time. I’m not going to do myself a timetable because I never stick to them. But I will restrict myself to one blog post a week maximum, I’m already busy Monday after school, so I’ll allow myself one other night to ‘be busy’ plus Friday night. And every other night I can do work. Sounds like a plan 🙂

This is how I feel now, after nearly 3 hours hard-out essay writing. Just this once, I actually am going to leave the rest til after dinner.

Good forms of procrastination.

3 weeks of holidays. 1000 assignments. Old procrastination methods getting…well…old? Need some new inspiration? Here’s what I do:

– Admittedly, I haven’t got round to doing this yet, but an obvious, and pretty legit way of being ‘too busy to work’ is to have a good old rearrangement of your room. I think I might do this tomorrow…Blakie’s already done it < clickclickclick! (so it miiiiiight be considered copying if I do it now…) But hey, who can possibly work in an untidy room eh? 😛

– Doing ‘easy’ homework. Bear with me on this one…I know it might not sound like procrastination, what with it involving the word ‘work’ (ugh, *dies inside*) But come on, what would you rather do? Write a 4000 word essay/1500 word essay (your choice) OR, write 100 words about how much you enjoyed taking part in the school production of Joseph last week. Yeah, though so 🙂

– Now, facebook. If the title of this post wasn’t ‘GOOD’ forms of procrastination, this could be a point by itself. But no, facebook is, undeniably, great in some ways. But when you have 972 friends from whom you receive the most bizarre ‘Become a fan’ requests and ‘Event invitations’ from, I think it’s time to cut down. Got it down to 600-odd today…maybe delete a few more over the course of the holidays, maybe soon my facebook ‘friends’ will be exactly that and NOT randoms I happened to meet once at a party some time…

– Remaining on the facebook theme – status updates. It’s always a nice little mental challenge thinking up witty, interesting and grammatically correct statuses in an attempt to entertain those in your social network. And of course, even more time is wasted checking out who/how many likes and comments you get on it…DOUBLE score!

– We all need music to ‘study’ to…therefore an organisation of the iPod and iTunes is in order. Time to delete all those one hit…wait, they’re not even ‘wonders’…they’re just one-off products of GarageBand and ‘hip’ white trash rappin’. And then of course, you need to replace them with some decent tunes. Today’s mood took me to Queen and DMB – maaaaaaaan there’s some good stuff there. Makes me slightly embarrassed realising their absence from my iPod prior to today’s downloading sesh…

YouTube‘s a good place to go to too. LOVE videos like the one I posted in my last post – the annotations of the track-listings meant I spent literally alllllll afternoon killing time on some sweet tunes.

– Now, I’m definitely not a gamer, but as I’m doing my Defensive Driving Course these holidays, I have to do this driving simulator thing on the computer. Not the most exciting of computer animations I’ve ever seen, but having a Maori woman shout abuse at you for ‘clicking all over the screen!’ made me laugh. As did the groovy little guy with the cap who I’m supposed to believe is my instructor for the ‘Risk Management’ part of the course. Yeah, no. I’ve got nothing against Indians, but I’m pretty sure they’re the ones that own the AA, not the just-graduated fresh-faced Kiwi guys. Unfortunately.

– And, finally, I guess sorting out your future is a pretty useful thing to be doing right now. Yeah I know, I shouldn’t be procrastinating if I want to have any form of a future…but seeing as there’s nothing I reeeally want to do, I had a think about it. Ended up coming to the conclusion that, despite having alllllways said I didn’t want to go into music professionally, I asked myself, why not? Basically, I can’t take the time off of school work to put the effort into my violin that I need to in order to be good enough, but I need to be better at it than I am if I’ve any chance of using it in my future career. SO. I’ve sort of decided. I’m gonna talk to my violin teacher, see how she got into APO and everything, get some inspiration, get playing! Could always do a conjoint media and communications/music degree to start with? I dunno…we’ll see how this year goes.

And I’ll leave you with this…


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