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Calloused violin fingers.

I’ve been playing my violin for a good two-and-a-half hours and it feels so goooooooooooood! I’m very out of practice with the whole ‘practicing violin’ idea, but I’m enjoying being able to play for hours on end without really having to have achieved something by the end. Having not had a violin teacher for about 5 months (I stopped having lessons before exams), it’s nice to now have a repertoire of pieces I can play if I want to, but there’s no desperate need to get things perfect by a certain date or performance. Sure, I’m trying to get things right and perfect, but it’s not like I feel I have to stress over a bar of notes if it just doesn’t seem to be coming right. I’ve got the time to just put it down and play something else, and then pick it up and try it again the next day if I want.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was wanting to learn to play some proper ‘songs’, not just classical stuff. Well, inspired by The Decemberists, I’ve been working my way through a Caledonian fiddle book I discovered I owned, as well as trying some of the solos in their songs (namely the song at the end of this post). The point of me telling you all this is, really, just to let you know I’m happy I’ve revived my passion for violin. I miss playing in orchestras and I especially miss the music courses I used to go on. But until I manage to find the musical bums at uni, this stuff is doing me just fiiiiine 🙂

All of the above fits in very well with what I had the pleasure of waking up to this morning, as a matter of fact: a beautiful email from an old friend of mine whom I met on one of these said ‘music courses’. It’s little things like sending an email to someone who you haven’t spoken to for ages than can truly make someone’s day. Just knowing that there is someone else out there – someone you know but have lost contact with and don’t see everyday – that still cares and hasn’t forgotten about you, it makes you feel worth a little bit more. And I definitely needed this little boost after yesterday, so thank you dear friend, it means a lot 🙂

Annnnnd I would love to post a little bit o’ music here, but I was greeted with a lovely message from youtube which basically told me that my internet is now suffering too badly to even be able to open the youtube homepage. Beautiful. Oh well, by the time my internet renews I’ll be enjoying university internet access 🙂 Fingers crossed that I won’t again have to go weeks without my darling youtube…



I’m back in Paihia (sadly) after a perfect 6 days spent with Blakie. Funniest thing today: the mentioning of ‘tits’.

So, my mum has temporary work on a local farm milking 500-odd cows. Sitting down at the table for lunch, she tells us about it; the little cup thingies that have to go on the cow’s nipples and suck out the milk (eww). And then, good question, “How many nipples do cows have?” This of course gave way to endless boob jokes, mostly from me because I’m still in crude language mode after having spent so much time with you 😛 I said 4, Dad said 6. Then I said maybe they just sprout an extra nipple every time they have a calf. Seemed like a somewhat sensible theory, until I then went too far (maybe) and wondered out-loud (well done Emma…) what humans would look like if they had a tit-per-child kinda thing going on. I mentioned the name of a family friend of ours that has 6 kids and more on the way: “Imagine *insert name here*! She’d be walkin’ around…tits sticking out everywhere!” I thought this was hilarious. Or at least, the image in my head was. However, I received an obscure look from Dad which I could only read as “Oh my life, what hope does my daughter have…” Mum was silent. But funniest of all, my 13-year-old brother. He just sat there, looking incredibly embarrassed at my mentioning of female parts, slowly going red in his innocent little cheeks. Hahahahahaha, oh bless him!

(In case you were wondering, the ‘nipples’ are called ‘teats’ in the technical farming world, and cows usually have four, but can sometimes have five or six. Personally, I think this a bit strange. It would make sense for them to have twice as many tits as humans, I mean…they have twice as many stomachs at the end of the day. But can you imagine 6 little titties on a cow? Hahaha, I can’t. That’s just weird. 😛 )

Also today, I played a good bit of violin and finally got round to learning some Arcade Fire bits and pieces, including part of this below:

And after downloading The Decemberists’ new album ‘The King Is Dead’ the other day, I’ve been inspired to learn some country-like songs from a book I’d forgotten I owned. Needless to say, I am in such a musical mood. I hope it lasts. I like playing new things that actually sound good 🙂 Also, I would like to be in a band. Like Arcade Fire or The Decemberists. Because their music is the bomb-diggedy. The end 🙂

A bored person is a boring person.

Blah blah blah, whatever, shut up.

I blame my lack of activity today largely on the weather (humid, raining and gale-like – due to us catching the edge of a cyclone or something apparently). I like rain sometimes though. It gives you an excuse to do indoor-y things without feeling guilty about not being outside. But it’s always the way – when I’m given the perfect day to do my indoor-y things (like a scholarship application and timetable planning and emailing people etc), I cannot be arsed. Hence why today was so totally bleh.

ONE EXCITING THING THOUGH! I’m officially accepted into the University of Canterbury and I got into my music course (the one that was limited numbers and also first-come, first-serve?) So that was a great email to wake up to. My rough timetable has also been published on my online student area place (kinda like the university version of eKristin). Looks like I’ve got a pretty sweet deal – my earliest lecture starts at 10am and my latest finishes at 4pm 🙂

However, I am sort of…well, scared. It’s going to be so different to anything I’ve ever done before – the living away from home aspect as well as the lectures and studying. I keep finding myself imaging College House life as being similar to the music camps I used to go on back in the UK. I guess to an extent it will be, in the sense of the food hall and bathroom sharing and making friends. But I’m going to be in a room of my own. And it’s going to be hard to know when to have ‘me’ time and when to be being social and when to be studying alone or with friends or when to go to the shops and whether to go to the shops with people or alone or with people from outside College House…ASDHAJDFHJHDAFH! 😦 I’m so confused. I can’t sleep at night because of it. It’s all stupid stuff, but it’s still, well…stuff. It’s bound to be fine and it’ll all probably sort itself out once I’m there. But, I don’t know. It’s just weird trying to imagine it. Bleh.

The only other remotely interesting thing today was me attempting to learn this on violin (it was the only half-decent clip out of the two on youtube of the song, but I think you get the idea):

When I went to visit College House the Dean let me in on a little secret about the Cultural Evenings that are put on frequently by the students. Usually they get the second years to put on the first one to give us first years an idea of what to expect. But this year, us first years are being made to do the first Evening. I figure if I at least have one thing up my sleeve I can contribute a little something to the nervous first years’ effort. So that explains that.

In other news, I miss you. Come talk to me?


1. I’ve kinda decided this one already over the course of the day and through getting advice from a tumblr friend and the opinions of a few important people – I’mma gauge my ear. Nothing too excessive, just something cool enough to ensure my indie-ness. The response I gave earlier when asked whether I even was ‘Indie’ – “Just look at my boyfriend.” That’s a compliment Blake, big time. 😀 But yeah, still deciding on how I’m gonna do it and whether to do both ears or one, but something’s gonna get done, that much is for sure 🙂

2. iTunes/music. I can’t decide whether to a) buy a $20 iTunes card and buy the few songs that I’m desperate for, b) add my Visa card to my iTunes account and just buy them that way, or c) just buy the albums physically. I really wanna do c) because I like having the whole album to listen to, but the problem is JB don’t sell my little Canadian band’s album that I want so bad. Which is where a) and b) have their pros. Except with b) I’m scared I’ll keep spending and not stop, and therefore find myself money-less (even if music-full) very soon. Power of deduction says a) or c). Thoughts?

3. I picked up and played my violin for the first time in 6 weeks today *hangs head in shame* But my repertoire is kind of exhausted, especially as I had to return a heap of music back to my teacher before I moved house. So I need to find a music shop and purchase some music to play. Preferably something that will sound good and be enjoyable and isn’t necessarily too hard to play. And not classical. Got bored of that after grade 5… Again, thoughts?

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui. Oh, and PS. when I say “thoughts”, I do appreciate verbal/written comments or advice. Thank youuuuuuu 🙂


First YouTube video! 😀

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