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I’m leaving this blog behind for a bit. There is a possibility that I may revisit it at some point later in life, but for now I a) don’t have the time to maintain its upkeep, and b) think that the majority of the content in this blog is linked to a particular…kinda ‘era’ in my life.

I think it would be perhaps insensitive and unfair to blog about my everyday life these days in the same place that I have been for the past year plus. And also, it’s sort of time to turn over a new page. Well, a virtual page…

I’m still updating my tumblr daily, so if you’re interested, feel free. I guess this is going to be my replacement ‘place to think’.

It is strange how things have turned out. I never imagined my life taking a turn down this path. Not once. But now that it’s happened and is, of course, still happening, I can honestly say that I’m truly appreciative of everything I’ve done in my life. Every choice I’ve ever made, every person I’ve spoken to, every place I’ve been, every memory I’ve made… These all collate to make me who I am.

People can say I’ve changed. Or they can say I haven’t. Or never did. It’s fine. Truth is, I don’t care too much for what people say. Only the people close enough to me to know me well enough are the people whose opinions and thoughts matter.

As it is, I’m content with where I am right now. I’m changing, but I’m not. I’m definitely learning. And hell, I’m happy.

Because there’s nothing better…

And my head told my heart
“Let love grow”
But my heart told my head
“This time no”.

Au revoir. But only from here. For now.



OK, I’ll admit it! I’ve been tumblring. A lot. Reasons being…

a) I’m supposed to be studying and posting pictures and videos without writing essays is, I tell myself, less time-wasting;

b) It’s quicker and kinda easier. And involves less thinking, kind of;

c) I’ve made it not sync to my facebook, so not so many people see my posts and I feel less guilty about doing it.

So uh, yes. That’s about it. I’m failing at studying for exams but despite this they’ve all seemed to go fine so far, excluding maths (which was expected). Got two psych exams to go tomorrow and Friday which I’ll attempt to study for now, then music on Friday too which will be sweet, and French on Monday. Pssht, stuff doing anything for that 😛

And in brief, good things which have happened/are happening:

– GOT ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE HOUSE FOR NEXT YEAR! This is very exciting. And what’s more, my parents didn’t die of shock when I told them the cost. I’m just gonna student loan it (seeing as I can now, being a NZPR and all 😀 )

– 6 weeks left of school EVER! SO excited for summer and everything including…

– End of IB partaaaay 😀 This will be epic.

As for bad things:

– Not much, except for failing at studying. But as it seems to be only maths and psych that I reeeeeeally need to study for, I thinks I will be fine 🙂 Just keen for it all to end now.

– And I think I’m gonna quit with the blogging on here, at least after I get prelim results back. A 5ish week break is all, I will be back soon (probably sooner…) 🙂

I’ve found a few more Arcade Fire favourites recently too, so I’ll leave you with this one.

Just another blog post about studying and stuff.

Because today, I sucked at it. Completely. I woke up, ‘Hey, maths day today. Go through a past paper and revise things I don’t know at the same time.’ Well it soon became clear that I knew nothing. At least it felt like it. What annoys me most though, is how after two days of maths tutorials last week, I felt great. I felt like there may be a possibility that I won’t fail maths. But of course, as soon as I sit down and try to do a paper myself, that confidence just crumbles. I just suck so badly. I wish so much that I’d done studies; I don’t even need maths for what I want to do. So then, I gave up. I organised my music folder instead. Didn’t really ‘study’ as such, which is when I realised that the best part of ‘studying’ is ‘organising’ two years worth of notes and finding little messages and conversations and doodles from yourself and your obviously equally as hard-working peers. My music folder is full of them. Lots of pictures of penises (courtesy of Dylan) and – what I consider the highlight of such an art collection – a single page of blank refill containing a roughly drawn circle to which an arrow points stating ‘Someone licked here. Eww.’ I am treasuring this.

I also wasted a huge amount of time editing my World of Text page due to the fact that someone (I suspect Jack) attempted – and very nearly succeeded – in filling as much of the space as possible with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (backward slashes?) I do find this thing extremely cool though. It’s amazing how sexual everyone is when they get to be anonymous. Although of course, there are those who do not have to be anonymous to be sexual.

Finally, my tumblr. I told you I gots one, so follow me! Good person.

And finally finally, this is for you cutie 😀 I am so looking forward to Friday!!!

Now off to watch Top Gear Bolivia 😛 …

I hate ‘study break’.

I should’ve known it was impossible to have two productive days in a row. I finished off my cue cards today and then the sun managed to tempt me outside so, naturally, I’ve been unable to get back to work since. I also made one of my stupidest decisions ever and contradicted my post from a couple of days ago by getting myself a tumblr. I said last night that it would be for the pure reason that I would be able to ‘like’ Blakie’s posts, but guess what? I’ve spent the past hour reblogging stuff from other random tumblrs. Great. One thing is for sure though – nothing is going to take over this blog. This is my place and tumblr can just be my bit on the side for, I don’t know…collecting junk?

In other news, the sun is out and it feels like summer. Which is really not doing my studying any favours. I wanna be on holiday with you and driving around with the windows down…going to the beach…picnicing… Sigh, soon I guess 🙂 And I’m not only behind on studying, but university stuff too. Applications for scholarships are due by 5pm on October 1st. I don’t want to write 500 words on the importance of the Alumni Community at UC just to be in with an extremely slight chance of being granted $5,000. So I’ll try and do that tonight/tomorrow. But it probably won’t happen. Which means I won’t be able to afford university, which means I won’t be able to move to ChCh, which means I’ll have to leave you. 😦 OK, that’s downward spiralling to the worst case scenario but still, I don’t want to do all this stuff. I just wanna have the longest and best summer ever and for it to never end. Please?

And I’ve decided today, how much I loathe ‘study break’. For one thing, you carry around an incredible burden of guilt whenever you find yourself doing something un-study related. But also, I don’t get to see you. I don’t get to see anyone, actually, but you’re the most important person for me to see. I miss you. It’s only been 4 days, but there’s 4 more to go. And I hardly talk to you during the day either because we’re both ‘studying’ a.k.a. doing anything that will keep my mind off you. Friday night couldn’t come sooner. I don’t care that it brings us closer to exams. It brings me closer to you, and that is all I need.

Blog vs. Blog.

So obviously, I use WordPress. However, I know all of my other friends with blogs use tumblr. I use tumblr to find a lot of the pictures and quotes that I use, but essentially, which is best?



  • You can make it as personal or as impersonal as you want. Obviously I choose personal. But from the customisable theme you can use to the huge length of the posts you can submit, it’s entirely up to the author. Which is great.
  • On the theme of ‘themes’, there’s heaps. Absolutely bloody heaps. And yours can be entirely your own (as mine is) thanks to the interchangeable headers and toolbars and…ahh, everything!
  • Recently, they developed the new sharing options. This means anyone who reads your blog and likes it can repost to facebook, reddit, digg, WordPress…well, just about anywhere. (Except tumblr actually, ha!) But that’s bloody good for blog publicity.
  • Anyone can comment (if you want them to). Of course there’s a range of security filters you can use, but if you want an easily accessible comment thread, it’s right there. Easy.
  • You don’t have to be a WordPress blogger to ‘like’ a post.
  • Awesome support community. WordPress constantly – and I mean constantly – updates you with the newest themes and features without spamming your inbox. So, you’re never out-of-date…unless you choose to be.
  • Integrated stats system. Handy and very swish.
  • The only ads you get are those for other WordPress blogger’s blogs. This is a win for both parties.
  • Everything’s so bloody easy to access! Not as in tumblr (as you’ll see below…)


  • It’s free to host your own domain name. At WordPress it costs US$10/15 per year (which is still nothing really). Although, let’s face it, if you’re a serious blogger wanting your own domain name, hopefully you won’t be so cheap as to opt for a free one. It wouldn’t look too good, really.
  • Sure, it has pretty themes. But not as many. And some of them (from what I’ve experienced) are extremely complex and annoying to navigate around.
  • You have to post things separately. Admittedly, this does look good on the actual tumblr, but when you’ve linked your tumblr account to your facebook and everything you post spams my homepage – no thanks. WordPress allows you to post youtube clips, photos and text all in one, hence keeping your facey friends a little bit happier.
  • Commenting sucks. Unless you have a tumblr account, you can’t comment or do anything to show people you like their posts. It’s bloody annoying actually.
  • I tried creating a tumblr account once, and I’ll admit I was very impatient. But I have to say, despite all the OVERSIZED FONTS declaring on the home-page etc about how quick and easy it would be for me to post photos/quotes/music/text, I posted three photos before it came up with an error message. I didn’t even waste my time reading it. I was out of there.
  • So that leads me to this – it’s easy to delete your tumblr. GOOD.
  • And finally, I’ve read on many people’s tumblrs about how annoyed they are at “tumblr’s broken again” or “Where have you gone tumblr dashboard???” I can honestly say that I have never experience one single fault with WordPress. The most major dilemma I experienced was when a smiley face didn’t publish itself as an emoticon. But that was easily fixed, because hey! I can easily navigate my way around WordPress!

So there we go. This was actually more of an excuse for a rant/procrastination from study, but my highly biased opinion still stands. WordPress over tumblr. Although, I do like other people’s tumblrs. I just admire their persistence. And I absolutely definitely prefer the freedom of expression that a WordPress blog gives you. I could write ’til the cows come home. And I think with this post, I might have…

(Some of the facts/opinions/observations/experiences included above were stolen from this article http://www.blog-install.com/wordpress-vs-tumblr-which-blogging-platform-to-choose.html. Just to cover my footsteps with plagiarism.)

PS. How ironic is that? I go to publish this post and it tells me “Writes to the service have been disabled, we will be bringing everything back online ASAP.” That is absolutely typical… 😛

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