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I still want…

A camera

New clothes

To trim my hair

To dye my hair

New sunglasses

To paint my nails

New jewellery

A panda

A bikini for the summer

Some real CDs, namely Arcade Fire, Metric, Regina Spektor and The Temper Trap

To buy you something nice

New music to play on violin


Those boots my sister said she’d buy me for my 18th but never did

It to stop raining

For exams to be over



New Year’s

To go away with you


Girls gathering with Marisa

A tan

A more reliable car

University stuff to get sorted

To buy a house with you

A kitten

A Newfoundland

To spend a day at the beach

Time to slow down

A good book

To grow old with you


Hello Wintersun.

Mid-April and it’s collllld. Had to hoody-and-jeans it to the beach yesterday. But damn, it was worth it for a deserted beach and these pictures:

Dark and moody. Just like winter at it’s worst.

True, fresh, blue skies. I think you can almost see the wind in the clouds in this one.

My personal fave. Make it what you will, but I love it.

School work? Sorry, what?


But I just came across this photo I took whilst on school camp in February and wanted to share it avec vous (← there’s the french I should be doing…) –

This was taken with my Vivitar ViviCam 3780s digital camera which has 4x digital zoom! Wow, yes…not that impressive huh? It was a Christmas present from my grandparents in 2006 so credit where credit’s due – it’s lasted. The only editting I did with this photo is take out the black dot called ‘the Sun’ which the camera decided to solarize, and add a warm touch to it (which personally I like just because it makes the sun’s rays look, well it’s ironic really…warmer? Haha, chur..)

Another shot at the same time without editting looked something like this:

So I think you’ll understand why I editted 🙂

And we can’t have photos without music. This song is not connected to these photos in anyway, apart from perhaps the happy, calm, ‘life’s sweet and beautiful’ feeling that they create (sorry it has to be a youtube link but I can’t afford an upgrade as yet…maybe sometime in the future) :

Beautiful huh? I just find her voice so velvety and soothing, and then combined with the lyrics and harmonies…*sighs* – I just bloody love it.

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