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I wish it was winter. This is a long post.

But anyway, if it was winter, today I wouldn’t have:

– Procrastinated getting up until 12pm because my room with closed blinds was so much cooler than the inevitable sun outside

– Sat inside printing off photos and sticking them on my diary because it was too hot outside

– Eventually ventured outside due to the dogs’ insistent begging and then wound up in an unfit, sweaty and muddy heap after throwing sticks into the waterhole for the dogs to fetch

– Had to eat cereal for lunch and a salad for dinner because the mere thought of hot food made me overheat

– Be currently sitting here being mauled by mosquitoes

– Have had to put off my violining all day because it’s been too hot.

So yes, this is a miserable and bleh post, but whatever. I’ve been stuck at home all day with no car because I’ve now officially sold mine to my parents. And even if I had gone out today, I’d have run into all the Waitangi bloody shitty crap out in Paihia.

Also, I miss you. Part of me is happy that it’s not too long until I get to see you again; Friday is less than a week away. But Friday being so close also means that you’re leaving in less than a week. And sure, I’m leaving a few days after that to be close to you again but, that’s the thing. I’m leaving home. In a week and a half.

It’s horrible thinking about it. A few months ago I was incredibly excited. Hey, even a few weeks ago when I actually went and saw Christchurch for the first time, even then I was still keen. And part of me is now. But, there’s a larger part of me that is fucking scared shitless (whenever I see that written down I always misread it as ‘shirtless’, haha anywaaay…) I know I’ve spoken to you about all this and you’ve told me that it’ll all be fine. This is something we have to do to be able to be happy and, well, proper adults eventually. I just wish I had a bit more of an idea of what to expect. From the CH BBQ a week ago I managed to gauge that there’s lots of drinking and parties, Orientation Week is hell and a definite time to simply forget about your dignity, and the ruling about no glass bottles on campus is strictly enforced (so beer cans it is). I suppose I was being unfair in expecting that someone would, at some point, sit me down and lecture me about exactly what student life consists of. No-one can do that because it ends up being different for everyone. You and I are going to have totally different experiences purely based on where we’re living, let alone what and where we’re studying. Anna and I, although taking similar subjects at the same uni, we’re living in slightly different halls so therefore will have different overall experiences. Hell, even Grace and I – we’re staying at the same halls and attending the same uni, sure – but I already know that her lectures are way more intense and demanding than mine.

So yeah, it’s gonna be a completely unique little journey. There will, of course, be high points and low points (no telling how low with the length of time Christchurch’s aftershocks have been predicted to go on for, but let’s hope not too bad). However, I’ve got to remember that CH will only be for a year, potentially two. Hell, I’ll probably be sad to leave the place! And then my third year is open to all sorts of options – student apartment or flatting, and there’s no telling who with.

And speaking of people and friends, that’s a final huge factor in my apprehensions. I’m very glad I got to see all my important people last week (except Sacha, goddamnit!!!). There are a bunch of other people I’d like to see before I – and they – disappear for the year, but hopefully Friday will provide a good last chance to talk to them. There would have been other chances to see people before they left if I had actually been invited to certain events, but maybe this is a bit of an awkward subject to bring up so publicly. I’ll save it for private face-to-face rants. Ha, now doncha wish you spoke to me more 😉

Soooooo. I suppose this little HUGE rant is more for myself than anyone else. Although maybe other people are in the same boat as me in respect to university stuff. In fact, no, I know some people are and I find that comforting 🙂 If I go in thinking positively, things can’t go too badly. I hope.

In the meantime, I still miss you (yes, I said this already in the third paragraph or something, but hey, this has taken a while to write). However, I’m glad you let me copy your Regina CDs, because this one’s nice:


I’m being reminded of how isolated I am so I’m gonna blog (but not about that).

Getting full-on indie now. Long and essentially meaningless blog post titles. And short sentences which, in ‘real English’ probably can’t be classified as actual ‘sentences’ because of them lacking some sort of subject or pronoun or verb or something… Anyway, I digress. Here is a list of things of interest dans ma vie at the moment:

– Well, this is my first blog post on my MacBook! I picked it up from Blake on the way back from Christchurch on Thursday. Got it into action on Friday and I think I’ve finally pretty much sorted myself out on it 🙂 Apart from a bit of a kerfuffle trying to transfer my iPod music to iTunes, and again trying to transfer my gmail contacts across to my Address Book, I am loving it. I feel like that guy in the “Hi, I’m a Mac” ads. Except I have no pity for PCs, I’m just better than them. Ha! Oh, and you know how my sister was supposed to be buying my old laptop from me? Well she’s not (Blake and I are gonna smash it up 😀 ), but her solution? Buy a Compaq laptop. I mean, WHAT? It’ll die soon. In the first day of owning it she already managed to ‘lose the mouse’ on the screen. I guess she’ll learn the hard way…

– I had a great day in Christchurch on Thursday. Got shown around my accommodation (College House) by the Dean, but only because we accidentally turned up an hour early for our appointment with some other guy. Hahaha, oh well – it looks really awesome (I was so awed by it that I forgot to take photos, sorry! But there’ll be plenty when I actually move down there I’m sure). It’s based on the Oxford and Cambridge set-up, so we have formal dinners four days a week (with gowns and everything!) and they have debating and cultural evenings and chapel and ALL sorts of fun things 😀 The only thing I have to do myself is laundry, and ironically it’s the only (OK, almost only…) thing I don’t do at home. So either Mum will show me what to do before I go down, or I’ll shrink and dye a few things in the process of teaching myself. Either way. We walked around the city too and it’s so quiet compared to Auckland. I like it 🙂 Here is a photo of the beautiful Christchurch cathedral:

– The flights have been booked to go to Christchurch on the 15th too. I find it incredibly terrifying that in exactly a month I will be longer be living at home… But in exactly a month I will also be a hell of a lot closer to you, and permanently 😀 And as soon as we settle into our study and job routines, we’ll organise Friday night pizza-nights or something cute 🙂 Plus you has a double bed in your room so it’ll be kinda like normal – me always coming to see you rather than the other way round, hehe 😛 But yesh, that is one BIG part that I am looking forward to immensely 😀

– And well, at the moment my life is a little bit on hold. Apart from having a scholarship I need to apply for, I have nothing planned until I go back to Auckland on the 29th (or around then). I’ve been to the beach for the past two days, so I guess I’ll continue that routine until the sun stops shining. And then I’ll just blog and tumblr and facebook my way through the days until I get to see you again. It was so good to see you the other day, even if it was so very briefly. I miss you more and more with each passing day (hence my excitement aforementioned in the previous point).

– Finally, well, CLIVE’S BACK!!! And you’re all getting to hang out and talk about the film tonight and I can’t bloody be there. I suppose this point actually does relate back to this post’s title. Living out here does suck. Whenever I’ve spoken to people over the past few weeks and they’ve asked where I am it’s been pretty much “Oh wow! It’s beautiful up there. But to live? Yeah, bit out of the way…” Which is exactly the point. I’m not about to complain about not having a summer because I sure as hell am weather-wise. I’m just not really getting a summer with friends. I’m not getting to hang out at Kristy’s beach house as was loosely planned, and I don’t get to chill with you and your guys either. But I guess soon enough I will. And soon enough I’ll be making new friends too. I just wish I could spend some proper decent time with the people who matter before I leave the majority of them in favour of Christchurch..

Finally, there’s this beauty:

And this stupid close-up, but it’s cute 😀

I got three-quarters of the way through writing a blog post

and my shitty old laptop (which I’m selling to my sister for $200…hahahaha) crashed. So I’m gonna summarise for you, because I cannot be arsed typing it all out again.

– I’m back up North. Weather is fabulous. Tried running, failed at it. Thinking I might just wait until I get cheap gym fees at uni.

– IB results. Fairly happy. The buzz has kinda died down now on facebook/in general. My grades were incredibly unexpected. As I said in a facebook status the other day, they very clearly reflect a loss of motivation over the 3 weeks of exams, as well as how much of the ‘study week’ I spent studying for exams which were in the first week (all of it…) Main success = ecosystems, main downfall = psychology (I would say French but I kinda deserve a 4 after literally zero study). Overall, I’m all good for university and that’s all that matters.

– Going down to Christchurch this coming Thursday to look around College House. It’s an expensive day-trip, but je suis très excitè 🙂 Planning on sussing out potential places of employment too, seeing as money’s gonna be pretty low what with me not having had a summer job between school and uni…

– My MacBook arrived today!!!!!! This is slightly anti-climatic as I don’t physically have it yet. But it’s in your hands which means it’ll be in mine soon 😀 A working laptop. What a novel idea…

– Finally, relationships. This was going to be a rant of its own but I don’t trust my laptop to survive long enough for me to be able to get it all out. Basically, despite the way it seems (to me anyway) that many others at the moment are, as one of my friends put it, becoming victim to the “bad season for relationships”, we’re fine. Of course we are though 😀 I miss you like hell, and the first few days after leaving you are always the worst. But it’s less than 20 days til I see you again. It’s a fair while, but after that…well, Christchurch together. Us + uni does sort of scare me, I’ll admit. Neither of us really have any idea what it’s going to be like. But, hopefully, we’ll find ‘us’ time in our little lives down there somewhere.  We’ll make it work anyway, that’s for sure 🙂

– And FINALLY finally (sorry to be a pain…), I miss my friends 😦 All of youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I wanted to go to the movies tonight, and I want to go visit Sacha and Anna and Hayley and sort out a trip somewhere with Kristy too before we go our separate ways! But whether it’ll actually get sorted out and happen, I don’t know. I desperately want it to. Grrr, silly distance. You are a bitch.

I can’t actually play this video on my fuckass internet connection, but it was a bit of a summer anthem of mine a few years ago (JESUS, 2006!). It  has relevance to current events (kinda), and I miss it.

One week later…

OK, first things first, I’m wrapping your Christmas present (well, attempt 2 of it) right now. It is making me grin my head of with cuteness so I hope it does the same to you 😀

Well, what a week. If there’s one thing that I’m majorly taking away from all this, it’s that your friends are my friends. Big time. And I like that so much. I think yesterday was one of the best summer days I’ve spent with friends in a long time. Screw the major sunburn and complete exhaustion – I had the time of my life. 🙂 For everyone else who has no idea what I’m so happy about, when the trailers and posters (and finally the movie) are done, I’ll post them all here. Oh and when you realise I’m not actually on-screen at all, remember that it’s just as fun being the Producer’s ‘assistant’ as being an actual actor. Just sayin’ 😛

Although I’m sad all that’s over, I’m looking forward to the next few days too. A bit of you and me time, as well as cute gatherings with other couples. And movies and dinner hopefully (seeing as we haven’t done that yet and I go home in 3 and a half days and we already have other things planned). I’m also sorry for getting sad earlier. I’ve thought about it and I’m just gonna put it down to the absolute exhaustion I’m feeling at the moment. You, also, don’t need to get yourself down. I’m the one with the silly head, not you. And you look after me perfectly so schtop worrying cutie 🙂

Finally, here’s that song I wanted to show you. This clip is super cool because of the whole ’79ness of it, plus the fucking hipster accents. “…Who swear like ‘How’s your father’ and they’re very cool for cats…”. This line reminds me of you a bit. In a cute way 🙂 (The actual song starts at 1:35 if you wanted to be boring and skip the intro. Up to you, but I advise otherwise.)

Things I’m going to spend my money on:

– A haircut

– Red hair dye

– A dress for Graduation Dinner/summer evenings

– Charlie McDonnell and Alex Day album bundle. Mmmm 😀

– Cards for teachers

– A good book. Although I don’t know what yet, so…ideas?

– Harry Potter movie tickets

– Alcohol

– Camping/New Year’s stuff

– Dinners and outings with you

– Christmas presents for people (because shit, it’s only 40-something days away!)

There we go. Clear head. No excuse to not study now 🙂 (Psssht…yeah right.)


^ I believe that’s a generic term for ‘WTF, annoyed, frustrated, FFFFFFFUUUUUUU~, etc.’

Today would be fantastic if I didn’t have exams a week away and was spending today at the beach like last summer, but hello reality. Why is the one subject I need to study for the one I can’t. I am going to be so much happier on the afternoon of November 5th. I don’t care that I’ll still have the majority of my exams left to sit, I’ll have finished maths! (providing I pass…)

Anyway, this is actually just a pointless, rambling post that doesn’t really need to exist, but as I’ve started I might as well finish. Donc, aujourd’hui:

– Woke up feeling great because I only overslept my 7:30am alarm by half an hour (usually setting my alarm for this kind of time during holidays/weekends results in me eventually surfacing at 9:30 or something just as useless…)

– Maths day, yay! And it’s sunny so I can sit outside and do it, great! Anything to make it a bit more bearable. Except, no. I just can’t do it. Well, I can do some of it and I even kinda taught myself some vectors stuff (although it’ll be a miracle if it sticks in my brain). But I just don’t know what it is. I must just have some super-human ability to find distractions in everything. Although, yesterday doing ecosystems wasn’t too bad. Aha, conclusion! It’s just maths. It has to be. No other logical explanation really.

– One good thing that has emerged from me sitting outside trying to study, is a bit of a tan. Yay 😀 Although me being tanned this early on in the summer means that by New Year’s I’m either going to be black as the next Westie you bump in to in Massey, or red and peeling like a little shrimp. Lovely image, I know. But that’s the inconvenient truth of being an Englishwoman in New Zealand.

– Also, I keep getting worried that my calculator is going to blow up. Or frazzle. What effect does the sun have on calculators? Or laptops, or any electrical equipment that may oh-so-innocently be used outside? Just a thought.

– And I’ve sorted out a bit of income for myself over the couple of weeks I have left living here between finishing exams and moving up North. Via a lovely and rather unexpected email conversation with my manager this morning, I’ve got a shift and a half either side of Grad Dinner weekend (means I’m working Mum’s birthday, mwahahahaha!) but stuff it, I need to make my own money if she’s not gonna give me any. So I have to write them a little letter of resignation just to be all official, then that’ll be that. It’s quite sad really, I liked that place.

That’s it I think. Half an hour of study has just been lost forever (actually, when I put it like that it’s a little bit ‘Ooh shit, my future? Exams?! Eeek.’) but as the clouds have decided to come and play, I think I’ll leave you with these and go inside to attempt to re-teach myself vectors.

This is my god forsaken maths class. As you can see, it’s (generally) not me and my class that have the problem, it’s just me and Maths.

And this is just another cute song 😀


OK, I’ll admit it! I’ve been tumblring. A lot. Reasons being…

a) I’m supposed to be studying and posting pictures and videos without writing essays is, I tell myself, less time-wasting;

b) It’s quicker and kinda easier. And involves less thinking, kind of;

c) I’ve made it not sync to my facebook, so not so many people see my posts and I feel less guilty about doing it.

So uh, yes. That’s about it. I’m failing at studying for exams but despite this they’ve all seemed to go fine so far, excluding maths (which was expected). Got two psych exams to go tomorrow and Friday which I’ll attempt to study for now, then music on Friday too which will be sweet, and French on Monday. Pssht, stuff doing anything for that 😛

And in brief, good things which have happened/are happening:

– GOT ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE HOUSE FOR NEXT YEAR! This is very exciting. And what’s more, my parents didn’t die of shock when I told them the cost. I’m just gonna student loan it (seeing as I can now, being a NZPR and all 😀 )

– 6 weeks left of school EVER! SO excited for summer and everything including…

– End of IB partaaaay 😀 This will be epic.

As for bad things:

– Not much, except for failing at studying. But as it seems to be only maths and psych that I reeeeeeally need to study for, I thinks I will be fine 🙂 Just keen for it all to end now.

– And I think I’m gonna quit with the blogging on here, at least after I get prelim results back. A 5ish week break is all, I will be back soon (probably sooner…) 🙂

I’ve found a few more Arcade Fire favourites recently too, so I’ll leave you with this one.

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