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Boredom = pointless blog post.

But I make no apologies. I’m bored and blogging somewhat relieves that boredom. Shurrup.

So, it’s only now that I’m finding myself in my bedroom without my desk that I’m realising how essential a desk is in a bedroom.

My room up North is too small for one. But I need my desk. Ironically, when I was at school – particularly that last year of school – I used to hate the thought of having to sit down at my desk and ‘do work’. I used to think of work as a chore (hell, I still will at uni no doubt), hence why I used to do a lot of my homework sitting cross-legged on my bed, like how I am sitting now.

But I think that’s the problem – we associate different things with different places. I used to think desk = schoolwork, therefore I preferred to steer clear of my desk. However, now it has become bed = the place where I sit all day chatting online/tumblring/blogging/youtubing, and because of this I am craving some other creative space. Somewhere to make things with glue and patterned paper and glitter, somewhere to write, somewhere to organise myself…

In this respect, I really want to get back down to my room at CH and sort out my books and things on that huuuuuuuge desk of mine. Of course there are many other reasons that I want to return too – the people, the parties, the foooood, the getting-away-from-here part of it all… πŸ™‚ Yeah, I’ve fully convinced myself. Adelaide was never an option for me, and I don’t really see the point in doing a half-year transfer to Auckland. In my opinion, it’s probably best to get back down to Chch asap so that some form of normality can begin to take shape. My grades will otherwise likely be screwed, if not already after that first psych lecture…

In other news, it’s raining. A lot. It’s also my birthday soon. But sooner than that, I get to see you again on Weds πŸ˜€ Happyhappyhappy times! Although maybe not as happy as your time last night, heeyyyyyy? πŸ˜› I kid! I just with I could’ve been there to witness it so I could effectively use it against you when next you accuse me of murdering my liver, hahaha.

I’m feeling Arctic Monkeys-ish:

PS. I wish I was a cat. They have the easiest, most perfect lives. And when I think of cats I think of Alex Boyd and NOW I HAVE THAT GODDAMNED CATSUIT IMAGE THING IN MY HEAD. GODDAMNIT GO AWAAAAAAAAAY. Grr. It’s just cruel that that even exists (noΒ offenseΒ intended).



to when my sister and I were about 4 and 7 years old respectively, and we’d follow our parents around home furniture and carpet stores choosing which bathrooms we’d have, and which kitchens, and which carpets we’d have in which rooms when we grew up and had a house together. Oh for those young innocent times again πŸ™‚

This thought actually came to me last night while I was lying in bed wide-awake at 2am (yet again). I resisted the urge to blog about it then as it would further induce my sleepless night, but I still have this cute little image in my head of me being a cute kid and best friends with my sister (I know, once upon a time…) I wish there was a way to digitally insert ‘mind pictures’ onto here. It’d be a cute little picture, but well…I can’t draw so you’re going to have to do with imagining it yourself.

So anyway, today I have the house to myself. This would be exciting if I could have friends over, but seeing as they’re all at least a 3 hour drive away, that’s not really possible. It’s raining too, so I’ll probably end up finally getting this scholarship application done (maybe…)

Also, 5 days til I get to see you!!!! πŸ˜€ I’m so excited! I mean, it will have been literally a month since I last stayed with you. I’m also looking forward to it because being down in Auckland means I can see my other special people too πŸ™‚ And I have my College House BBQ to go to. Ahh, it’s all looking up in a few days πŸ™‚

Annnnd I discovered this song yesterday (using this website, which I find pretty cool). However, I tried listening to some other Neutral Milk Hotel stuff and I uhh…well, really couldn’t stand it. This one, however, (oh and Holland, 1954), are really beautiful. Just listen to the lyrics… πŸ™‚

Perfect for a rainy Sunday?

…holy shit, it’s FRIDAY! Why is it not a Sunday?!…Sunday’s are the ultimate chill-out-and-do-sweet-f-all day. And unfortunately, every day of these holidays has felt like a bloody Sunday. Monday’s gonna be a bit of a shock to the system…

Anyway, today:

Woke up with you πŸ˜€ Except my feet are smaller than that and my nails are currently red.

Made hot chocolate and toast for breakfast (in bed of course) Except ours was more burnt than in that picture πŸ˜›

Watched this to put off going home. The whole 9 parts on Youtube.

Listened to this on the way home. It’s my new favourite song. I love Chris Martin.

And this is me now – in my pyjamas with my Starbucks mug full of hot milky coffee, getting my work ‘done’ (between blogging…)

Now tell me why it’s not a Sunday?

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