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1. I’ve kinda decided this one already over the course of the day and through getting advice from a tumblr friend and the opinions of a few important people – I’mma gauge my ear. Nothing too excessive, just something cool enough to ensure my indie-ness. The response I gave earlier when asked whether I even was ‘Indie’ – “Just look at my boyfriend.” That’s a compliment Blake, big time. 😀 But yeah, still deciding on how I’m gonna do it and whether to do both ears or one, but something’s gonna get done, that much is for sure 🙂

2. iTunes/music. I can’t decide whether to a) buy a $20 iTunes card and buy the few songs that I’m desperate for, b) add my Visa card to my iTunes account and just buy them that way, or c) just buy the albums physically. I really wanna do c) because I like having the whole album to listen to, but the problem is JB don’t sell my little Canadian band’s album that I want so bad. Which is where a) and b) have their pros. Except with b) I’m scared I’ll keep spending and not stop, and therefore find myself money-less (even if music-full) very soon. Power of deduction says a) or c). Thoughts?

3. I picked up and played my violin for the first time in 6 weeks today *hangs head in shame* But my repertoire is kind of exhausted, especially as I had to return a heap of music back to my teacher before I moved house. So I need to find a music shop and purchase some music to play. Preferably something that will sound good and be enjoyable and isn’t necessarily too hard to play. And not classical. Got bored of that after grade 5… Again, thoughts?

C’est tout pour aujourd’hui. Oh, and PS. when I say “thoughts”, I do appreciate verbal/written comments or advice. Thank youuuuuuu 🙂


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