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^ I believe that’s a generic term for ‘WTF, annoyed, frustrated, FFFFFFFUUUUUUU~, etc.’

Today would be fantastic if I didn’t have exams a week away and was spending today at the beach like last summer, but hello reality. Why is the one subject I need to study for the one I can’t. I am going to be so much happier on the afternoon of November 5th. I don’t care that I’ll still have the majority of my exams left to sit, I’ll have finished maths! (providing I pass…)

Anyway, this is actually just a pointless, rambling post that doesn’t really need to exist, but as I’ve started I might as well finish. Donc, aujourd’hui:

– Woke up feeling great because I only overslept my 7:30am alarm by half an hour (usually setting my alarm for this kind of time during holidays/weekends results in me eventually surfacing at 9:30 or something just as useless…)

– Maths day, yay! And it’s sunny so I can sit outside and do it, great! Anything to make it a bit more bearable. Except, no. I just can’t do it. Well, I can do some of it and I even kinda taught myself some vectors stuff (although it’ll be a miracle if it sticks in my brain). But I just don’t know what it is. I must just have some super-human ability to find distractions in everything. Although, yesterday doing ecosystems wasn’t too bad. Aha, conclusion! It’s just maths. It has to be. No other logical explanation really.

– One good thing that has emerged from me sitting outside trying to study, is a bit of a tan. Yay 😀 Although me being tanned this early on in the summer means that by New Year’s I’m either going to be black as the next Westie you bump in to in Massey, or red and peeling like a little shrimp. Lovely image, I know. But that’s the inconvenient truth of being an Englishwoman in New Zealand.

– Also, I keep getting worried that my calculator is going to blow up. Or frazzle. What effect does the sun have on calculators? Or laptops, or any electrical equipment that may oh-so-innocently be used outside? Just a thought.

– And I’ve sorted out a bit of income for myself over the couple of weeks I have left living here between finishing exams and moving up North. Via a lovely and rather unexpected email conversation with my manager this morning, I’ve got a shift and a half either side of Grad Dinner weekend (means I’m working Mum’s birthday, mwahahahaha!) but stuff it, I need to make my own money if she’s not gonna give me any. So I have to write them a little letter of resignation just to be all official, then that’ll be that. It’s quite sad really, I liked that place.

That’s it I think. Half an hour of study has just been lost forever (actually, when I put it like that it’s a little bit ‘Ooh shit, my future? Exams?! Eeek.’) but as the clouds have decided to come and play, I think I’ll leave you with these and go inside to attempt to re-teach myself vectors.

This is my god forsaken maths class. As you can see, it’s (generally) not me and my class that have the problem, it’s just me and Maths.

And this is just another cute song 😀



I feel it is appropriate, and monumental, for me to announce that I have topped 3,000 views on this blog since March this year. In 7 months, that averages to…428 views per month (which actually isn’t that impressive, but seeing as I don’t force feed this blog to anyone except Blakie, it’s not bad 😀 )

I should probably think of something unique and cool to post to mark this occasion, but as I can’t think of anything as yet, I will post my prelim results so far:

Maths: 32% – Yes, this needs improving, but I have help timetabled into these next 2 weeks in the form of helpful mathematical friends.
Lit: 82% –  Despite being initially a little bit disappointed with this, I have decided I am happy. Although it does depend on the texts on the day of the final…
Psych: 66% – Technically 65.56%, but as 66% was the boundary for a 7, I’m sticking with that.
Music: 84% – I’m glad I can rely on music to save my grades.
French: 62% – But this is only paper 1, because French professeurs are too slack to get papers marked in two days. Haha, yeah, kidding.

So yes, overall I’m thinking this isn’t too bad, especially accounting for the lack of study I actually did thanks to my fantastic procrastination skills. Today was aussi bon because:

  • Leaver’s jerseys

  • Unexpected present from my little friend Steph 😀 She hand-sewed a quilt which is absolutely amazing, and I got a letter and photos. This all made me smile a lot, but not as much as this quote which was sewn under one corner of the quilt – “Life without music would B♭.” I do love this 🙂
  • Lunchtime fun with you and your boys
  • Cuddles from you
  • Talky talk with Boyd (next year – 😀 !!!)
  • Mum finding me mathematical help in the form of friends of friends
  • Having 7 days left of school EVER 😀

I think this song is appropriate in regard to the whole ‘school’ thing:

I love you (:

Just another blog post about studying and stuff.

Because today, I sucked at it. Completely. I woke up, ‘Hey, maths day today. Go through a past paper and revise things I don’t know at the same time.’ Well it soon became clear that I knew nothing. At least it felt like it. What annoys me most though, is how after two days of maths tutorials last week, I felt great. I felt like there may be a possibility that I won’t fail maths. But of course, as soon as I sit down and try to do a paper myself, that confidence just crumbles. I just suck so badly. I wish so much that I’d done studies; I don’t even need maths for what I want to do. So then, I gave up. I organised my music folder instead. Didn’t really ‘study’ as such, which is when I realised that the best part of ‘studying’ is ‘organising’ two years worth of notes and finding little messages and conversations and doodles from yourself and your obviously equally as hard-working peers. My music folder is full of them. Lots of pictures of penises (courtesy of Dylan) and – what I consider the highlight of such an art collection – a single page of blank refill containing a roughly drawn circle to which an arrow points stating ‘Someone licked here. Eww.’ I am treasuring this.

I also wasted a huge amount of time editing my World of Text page due to the fact that someone (I suspect Jack) attempted – and very nearly succeeded – in filling as much of the space as possible with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (backward slashes?) I do find this thing extremely cool though. It’s amazing how sexual everyone is when they get to be anonymous. Although of course, there are those who do not have to be anonymous to be sexual.

Finally, my tumblr. I told you I gots one, so follow me! Good person.

And finally finally, this is for you cutie 😀 I am so looking forward to Friday!!!

Now off to watch Top Gear Bolivia 😛 …

Why today was a good day…

– It wasn’t cold, FINALLY winter’s on it’s way out.

– I followed Chris to school again. This is always fun.

– Had a morning bitch about French with Lizzie. Good vent.

– Hug as promised from my cute new BFF. Slightly awkward. Doesn’t matter. She gets me.

– Cute email from Blake (:

– Dylan came to music. We had a moment. “You look wonderfully radiant today.” 😀 He’s truly lovely that man.

– Maths portfolios back. 18/20. HOW?! But YAY!!! Going into my final IB maths exam with 80%. Couldn’t get much better (for me anyway…)

– Double study. Actually did work. A whole psychology essay in fact. Most productive study EVER.

– Jack confirmed I am a cool British Indie kid due to the content of my iPod. Always good to know.

– Deans. Saw you. Sat with you (and your lovely men). Cute play fight 🙂

– Shared birdseed crackers and cheese with Boyd. Sickening (taste) but amusing.

– Had some of your Freddo. Omnomnomnom.

– Chilled with you and your boys. I like them a lot. You’re all very much ‘my cuppa tea’ (for want of a descriptive British cliché).

– Highlighter wars. Steph owned my arm. I owned the whole of her a million times more by getting the blazer. Oh, yes.

– Kissed you. Bye bye.

– Cultural committee fun. Beat Bobby to the policeman/officer’s helmet. Got a solo role too. Wow.

– The best 10 seconds of on-stage fame known to man. Actually, my apple is in the spotlight for longer than I am. But it doesn’t matter, the people make it worth it 🙂

– Drive home. Hot. Summer. Not too far away. 3 days left of term. YES. Feeling happy so decide to be the annoying driver that gives way to all those people who want to turn right into the traffic jam. Ignored the bastard behind me. I got 2 thank-you waves which is more important.

– Only maths homework. Might start study. Might not. Actually, definitely won’t. Relaxing night. I need one. I’ll start tomorrow 😛


Je m’en fou. Le français, pah – c’est des conneries. Et tel que les autres examens…alors… Les mathematiques aujourd’hui? Franchement, c’etait impossible. Je ne comprends pas comment ils s’attendaient à le faire. Quoi de plus, celles-ci ne comptent pas vraiment pour beaucoup – ça ne vaut pas le coup de foutter un chat pour ça. Ça me fait chier, mais zut alors! Nous avons faire le pont ce weekend 😀 Un peu de temps pour se détendre j’espère. Meh. Je se geler les miches. Et je suis fatigué. Bon nuit.

So, IF you understood any of that (which is probably a long shot), I found two websites – one with some useful French expletives, and the other with over a hundred different idiomatic expressions. Thought it’d be a bit of fun seeing as my last French post was…oh wait…like my second post ever? Haha, oh well. MY translation of the above blurb is below… (Obviously this is probably pretty wrong. Visions of French people murdering frogs because of my abominal French…hahaha 🙂 )

I don’t give a fuck. French, pah – it’s bullshit. And as for the other exams…well… Maths today? Frankly, it was impossible. I don’t understand how they expect us to do it. What’s more, they don’t really count for much. It pisses me off, but shucks! We have a long weekend this weekend 😀 A bit of time to relax I hope. Meh. I’m cold. (literal translation: I’m freezing the balls off a brass monkey. LOLWTF?!) And I’m tired. Good night.


You + Me is easy. Unlike maths. Bleugh. I think you’d actually have to be a genius (or Asian) to get a decent grade in a maths exam. WTF. It’s so hard and so stupid and it makes my head hurt trying to figure out why every single goddam answer I eventually get is ‘wrong’ 😦 I don’t like right and wrong, I like ‘meh’. I like having ‘Yeah, that’s pretty much it’ or ‘You tried, 10 marks.’ But NO. Fucking maths is all ‘Step 1, 2 and 3, then take the inverse, divide by the cubed root of 4 because this rule says so…then of course, the answer can’t be negative because I say so, so it must be 1.’ Yeeeah, OK sorry what? I’m lost.

However… 🙂

WE, on the other hand, are so perfectly relaxed and easy. We fit together like the final pieces of a jigsaw, only one place for each of us to be. With each other, next to each other. Holding hands. (You know, I’d be happy if all I could do for the rest of my life was hold your hand 🙂 ) I don’t want anything more (or anything less actually…don’t even try and find an easy way out 😉 ) Awwwh you, you are my everything. You get me through.

This is us 😀

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