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Happy bloggy birthday!

Well, belated birthday. Yesterday my bloggy woggy foggy moggy doggy…hell, my BLOG!..turned 1 😀

*cue humorous youtube clip with the theme of ‘birthday’*

I don’t know how to celebrate the birthday of a blog. I mean, it’s not a person. I couldn’t have gone out and celebrated on the town because it was my blog’s birthday (although honestly, any excuse would have done…) I can’t make it a cake because my MacBook can’t eat it (although honestly, I could do with some myself…) I could do a re-cap and assessment of my first year as a blogger, but to be quite honest again…that’s just boring. I’ve seen youtube videos of people after their first year of vlogging where they thank all their subscribers and talk about how much they’ve matured and grown as a person due to their vlogging experiences, but a) I have very few subscribers (that I know of) because most people keep up-to-date via my facebook posts, and b) that sort of thing is overrated. It’s gone from being a personal, heart-felt ‘thank-you’ to an oh-dammit-I-guess-I-should-acknowledge-the-people-that-suffer-my-irregular-video-uploads-because-I’ve-been-here-for-a-year kinda thing.

Maybe just a little bit about this blog and why I’ve kept this thing up-and-running? OK, that’ll have to do 🙂

Looking back at my first post, it’s clear that my blog was born from the brain of a procrastinating teenager, desperate to find an excuse other than facebook to utilise as a time-killing tool. And who am I kidding, it still is exactly that. I guess when I first started writing posts I never really believed I’d actually keep up the blogging. I should have had far more important things to occupy my days with – such as EE, ToK essays, lit essays, CAS hours (wow, remember those?) – but by some miracle, all those dreaded assignments and presentations got done, I got decent grades, and through it all I never really had to compromise my blogging. Sure, there were days on end when reality knocked on the door and I had to catch-up on things (especially maths portfolio weeks, those were murder!), but I think what really fueled me on to maintain my blog posts was the need for an outlet of some kind.

After a crappy day at school, or an argument with my mum or something similar, I find that to prevent myself from going completely ape-shit at someone, I have to sort my thoughts out in my head first. The best way I came up with to do that was to write them down, and where better place to do that than on my blog. In this sense, my blog has become very much like my personal diary. Of course I daren’t reveal everything online here because there really is no telling who will read it, but as some people I learnt were surprised to read, I do keep it pretty personal (hence why every single post is categorised under such label).

And I don’t do this for anyone else really; I do it for me. I like the idea of being able to look back over years of posts – even now – and being able to remember certain days and events as they happened, rather than having to rely on a foggy memory or someone else’s biased viewpoint. I suppose this is a way of combatting my greatest fears too – that of forgetting, but also that of being forgotten. I hadn’t actually thought of this point until the second I typed those words a sentence ago, but thinking about it…it does make sense. By publishing my thoughts and opinions online, it is almost as though I’m creating some sort of legacy. Of course, I’m not planning on going anywhere any time soon (*touch wood*…dammit I hate talking about things like this so matter-of-factly), but should anything unexpected – or not so (i.e. when I’m 102) – happen, this will always exist. Well, at least until WordPress gets taken over by facebook…but let’s not go there..!

The point I’m making is that this blog is something tangible. It’s not words that have been said from person to person that can be changed and mis-interpreted by different generations of people; it’s words that have been written down and are in black and white for anyone to read. That’s what I like about writing – it’s solid evidence. It’s either there or it’s not. And hell, my blog is there alright. It’s here, and hopefully it’ll stay here for years or more to come 🙂

Cocoa my cat came at climbed on top of me and my MacBook half-way through writing this. As he obviously wanted to be a part of it, so it’s only right he should get a bit of recognition here 🙂


An inspiring man – Jamie Livingston.

In my boredom, I stumbledupon a website which led me to another website and another one and so on, until I ended up discovering this guy, Jamie Livingston.

I haven’t heard of him before and I don’t know if I should have, but I find what he did incredibly inspiring. This all gives me hope that the little things I do, like keeping this blog, will maybe one day have some greater importance somehow. I think it’s extremely important to document one’s life. I used to think that publicising my thoughts and feelings on pretty much everything and everyone in my life was, well…a bit too public. Maybe it makes me seem like a bland person due to the fact I physically can (or try to) write down my thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if people maybe see it as attention-seeking perhaps, or a bit selfish and silly. But after reading about this guy, I fully appreciate the importance of noting down even the littlest things in your life, whatever media you choose to use (be it written, photographic or verbal). I don’t think it is bland or plain – I think to have created something which is completely unique to yourself adds to the mystery of the person’s character: what motivated them to do it?

In the case of Jamie Livingston, there does not seem to have been one single motivating moment to his ‘Photo of the day’ Polaroids. Again, I find that mysterious. But what captivates me and inspires me about his documentation of his life is his dedication to it, right up until his death. And in addition to this, the personal quality of his photos. He tells a story, his story. And I believe that what he left behind in the form of these Polaroids (which span over 18 years of his life), is the truth. Or at least, his truth. Because it’s his life.

I figure you can read more about Livingston yourself if you so wish. I linked you to the wiki page under his name at the beginning of this post; he is also on iMDb, and the website containing all of his Polaroids can be found here.

These are a just a few taken from his website:

All photographs taken from the Jamie Livingston ‘Photo of the day’ website.

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