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Red-head in process.

Some people go for tattoos. I go for dying my hair. This isn’t actually hugely symbolic either, seeing as I have done it numerous times before. But whatever, this is my post-IB evening before party-weekend activity. I have to sit here for 30 minutes whilst the chemicals work their magic, and Blake is studying so he can’t play the waiting game with me, so blog post it is.

So yes, I FINISHED IB TODAY!!!! All those posts I’ve published over the past year about OMG EE, CAN’T DO! and Hi, I’m procrastinating study. compile with this post to complete a little snippet of my IB student life. It’s quite sad really (not as in ‘lame’ sad, but as in actually ‘I might cry’ sad). IB and Kristin have been my life for the past 2 years. Of course I’ve complained relentlessly but, I don’t know about everyone else, I just seem to find a great deal of comfort in the 5-day school week routine and the knowledge that the past 2 years of learning have been geared totally towards these 3 weeks of exams. Driving home from school today at 12:30 (which is weird enough in itself; I still haven’t got used to school not being compulsory) I found myself thinking of all the ‘lasts’. Today, 18th November 2010, was not only my last IB exam. It was also the last time I’ll ever wear Kristin uniform, the last time I’ll see those crappy study centre PCs, the last time walking on Kristin grounds whilst knowing I have to be there. Driving out of that car park today just felt strange. Even more so than our last official day 4 weeks ago. Today really was THE END, the goodbye (until Graduation Dinner of course, but that can be another blog post next weekend 🙂 )

Sitting here at home feels absurd to. There’s nothing I need to complete for tomorrow as I’ve been so used to. I’m not using facebook to procrastinate and I, for the first time, don’t feel guilty about spending my evening on youtube and tumblr. I do, however, feel more grown up. The direction I choose to take now is my choice. I’m not being guided through weekly assessments any more – not even at university. To bring a bit of psychology in here, it feels like I now have free will – my life is no longer determined by my school routine and teacher’s deadlines. I’m not sure if I like this, but I’ll accept it. It’s a challenge, the next step in life. And it all (really) begins this weekend 😀

Moral of the story? Your school days are honestly the best of your life. I may say this again about university in three years, but until then, school rules 😀 (especially Kristin).


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