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Just another blog post about studying and stuff.

Because today, I sucked at it. Completely. I woke up, ‘Hey, maths day today. Go through a past paper and revise things I don’t know at the same time.’ Well it soon became clear that I knew nothing. At least it felt like it. What annoys me most though, is how after two days of maths tutorials last week, I felt great. I felt like there may be a possibility that I won’t fail maths. But of course, as soon as I sit down and try to do a paper myself, that confidence just crumbles. I just suck so badly. I wish so much that I’d done studies; I don’t even need maths for what I want to do. So then, I gave up. I organised my music folder instead. Didn’t really ‘study’ as such, which is when I realised that the best part of ‘studying’ is ‘organising’ two years worth of notes and finding little messages and conversations and doodles from yourself and your obviously equally as hard-working peers. My music folder is full of them. Lots of pictures of penises (courtesy of Dylan) and – what I consider the highlight of such an art collection – a single page of blank refill containing a roughly drawn circle to which an arrow points stating ‘Someone licked here. Eww.’ I am treasuring this.

I also wasted a huge amount of time editing my World of Text page due to the fact that someone (I suspect Jack) attempted – and very nearly succeeded – in filling as much of the space as possible with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (backward slashes?) I do find this thing extremely cool though. It’s amazing how sexual everyone is when they get to be anonymous. Although of course, there are those who do not have to be anonymous to be sexual.

Finally, my tumblr. I told you I gots one, so follow me! Good person.

And finally finally, this is for you cutie 😀 I am so looking forward to Friday!!!

Now off to watch Top Gear Bolivia 😛 …


Oooof! Two weeks‽

Two weeks of silence…aaaah! I think that with the absence of EE I’ve been giving myself a bit of a break from writing (yes that includes refusing to do lit essays…) but I feel an update is in order.

Except, what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~. I can’t do it. Bleh. Not in a writing mood. So, instead, some ‘things’.

Soooo cute! I WANTS ONE! 😀

I’m so glad we watched this together last night 😀

Truly great and inspirational words.

And finally, I just want to remind you of how much I love you. I don’t feel like I can ever tell you or show you enough because well, you’re perfect. I love our Friday nights so much, they make my week worth living. You’re the only person I can truly be myself around. Thank you so much 🙂

And look what I just found 😛


OK, I’ve been putting off writing this post until I can actually afford to, but now I’m finally/already in bed with my hot water bottle and cat (he’s a one night only kinda thing i.e. it must be bloody cold outside for him to actually want to stay in my room because usually my brother steals him) I can get writing 🙂

So, take any weekend on facebook. We all have a few of those ‘friends’/people-who-we-met-once-at-a-party-and-barely-know who, every Sunday/Saturday/both/any day after they’ve been out the night before post a highly original status proclaiming their ‘EPIC NIGHT LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!’ or letting us know of their ‘BANGIN’ weekend!!!! Shit son!’ Now, I hate to be a party-pooper and all that, but if it was that good a night, in my books, you generally don’t wake-up from your zombified slumber until 7 days later by which time you don’t have time to announce your awesome antics on facebook due to the fact that you kinda have a hell of a lot of ‘life’/IB work to catch up on. So, seeing as ‘epic weekend’s’ look set to be on hold for a few months (or at least as of this coming weekend until the end of November), I thought I’d compile a list of a particularly monumental weekend for me, your fairly typical IB kid.

– It’s universally agreed that whoever decided to put the hand-in deadline for Extended Essay and SL Maths Portfolio on the same day at exactly the same time is, for want of a better word, an absolute bloody dickhead. I think I’m one of the few lucky ones who handed in their essay before the weekend. (Believe me, it wasn’t planned, it just sort of happened. It’s funny how things do that.) But yes, that makes a slightly epic weekend in my opinion. Two very major assignments completed and (hopefully will be) handed in before 8:30am tomorrow. (And I would apologise to those still at it 10 hours before these things are due, but honestly, at what point do you realise you’re ‘behind’? When it’s too late, obviously.)

– As I said before, I’m not a party-pooper. In fact, to take the words of Rico from Hot Rod, “I’m Emma, and I like to party!” Well yeah, anywaaaaay. The fact that all work is done AND I got a bit of a boogie in there makes this weekend twice as successful. And, if I realised one very important thing this weekend, it would be to definitely, if you’re going to go out and party or drink or whatever, do it on a Friday. For starters it gives you two days recovery if you reeeeally need it, but also…Friday…end of the week (beginning of the work)…might as well start it well. You’ll also find you waste so much less time (if you’re female anyway) with the whole ‘getting ready’ fiasco. Average time taken getting ready on a Saturday = 2-3 hours (inc. shower, drying hair, straightening hair, choosing clothes etc.); average time taken getting ready on a Friday = 1/2 hour (inc. go to friend’s after school, already chosen clothes, pre-drinks etc.) So oui, Friday is the new Saturday. (This is probably old news but I live in an IB shell; news such as this radiates back into the atmosphere and doesn’t reach my ears.)

– Finally, the people. I won’t go into the details of every conversation I’ve had this weekend (and I’m yet to decided whether I should name people in this blog or not…we’ll see), but my, I do love my friends 😀 Especially those who were so lovely on Friday night, those who have been living at the bottom of my screen in the facebook chat tab doing maths portfolio all weekend with me, those who are just such bloody amazing people, those who I can have a spontaneous conversation with about anything one night and just be cool about it, those who I can bitch with about certain infuriating c**ts, those who compliment you randomly… All these people make my life so much better. They make me forget about (or at least put into perspective) all the school work that seems to take over at times, and make me feel at home. But you, especially, make my life worth living. You are my best friend, despite the cliché, and I’m so lucky to be able to call you mine 😀 Thank you.

And FINALLY! The real, de-proofed ball photos that I promised almost 2 months ago. I love you 🙂

Perfect for a rainy Sunday?

…holy shit, it’s FRIDAY! Why is it not a Sunday?!…Sunday’s are the ultimate chill-out-and-do-sweet-f-all day. And unfortunately, every day of these holidays has felt like a bloody Sunday. Monday’s gonna be a bit of a shock to the system…

Anyway, today:

Woke up with you 😀 Except my feet are smaller than that and my nails are currently red.

Made hot chocolate and toast for breakfast (in bed of course) Except ours was more burnt than in that picture 😛

Watched this to put off going home. The whole 9 parts on Youtube.

Listened to this on the way home. It’s my new favourite song. I love Chris Martin.

And this is me now – in my pyjamas with my Starbucks mug full of hot milky coffee, getting my work ‘done’ (between blogging…)

Now tell me why it’s not a Sunday?

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