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Be seeing you.

Ahh, last night at home for a while. Largely un-argumentative which is something. My sister was actually very nice to me. Maybe living away from home will mean we can become the kind of sisters that txt each other every now and then? It was hard saying goodbye to Dad too, but hopefully I’ll see him again in 7ish weeks. I’m actually sort of excited now 🙂 Being all packed up has made it more of a reality rather than an unknown something, plus you already being down there makes me want/need to hurry up and get down there too.

So really, bring on Wednesday! I won’t miss home too much I don’t think…it’s my friends and the familiarity of your house and Auckland that I’ll be sad to lose the most. But hopefully familiarity will set in soon enough down there 🙂 Plus it’s not forever. There’ll be heaps of chances to catch up with everyone 🙂

The one major downside, however, is that my internet allowance down there is crappo. I have 2GB a month and have to pay for any more. I guess I’ll just have to cut out my youtubing and endless streaming of music. And maybe facebook and tumblr a bit less frequently. So yeah, what I’m saying is blog posts may be more few and far between. But if you’re really cool you’ll have my email and textual details, so you’re more than welcome check that I’m still alive. I’d like that 🙂

And then of course, Valentine’s day. I hope you like that highly attractive picture of Regina that I posted on your facebook? 😉 Hahaha, I’m just so totally jealous. Not. We get cuddles and pizza on Friday. She doesn’t. HA! I love you though. You should stop worrying, that’s my job! Everything will work out just fine for you and for us baby, just you wait and see 🙂

Finally, Grammy’s! ARCADE FIRE GOT ALBUM OF THE YEEEEEEEEEAR!!! This makes me so happy 😀 They’re the most amazing of bands around at the moment. And The Black Keys got best alternative album and best rock song for ‘Tighten Up’, which I suppose I can live with. I do like them, but Arcade Fire are the actual bomb diggedy. And ‘The Suburbs’ is such an absolutely fantastic album, from beginning to end. I have many favourites, but I think this tops it:

And with that, The Prisoner style: “Be seeing you.”


Well f**k ’em.

So today at dinner, my sister and mother decided to tell me that they can’t wait for me to leave home. My sister’s reasoning was that I am ‘just so bloody annoying’ and she ‘can’t stand’ to be around me, whilst my mother claims I ‘always say the wrong things’ and am ‘too sarcastic’ and ‘ungrateful’.


Now, I think I can safely assume that my apparent annoyingness (that’s not a word, but whatever) and unbearablility (wow, I’m on a role) are due to the fact that I supposedly am so sarcastic and untimely with the things I say when I’m at home. You must be thinking, OK wow…she must say some pretty radical things if they make her sister and mother want her to piss off already, but that’s the thing; they’re really not.

At dinner today I merely made some joke about my sister wanting something microwaved for 30 seconds. I said something like, “Ooh, sure you don’t want 35 seconds? Don’t know how good that microwave is…”, to which my mum exploded into a tirade about my ‘ungratefulness’ towards what I’m given (the microwave thing was the tiniest of fucking comments, gimme a break). My sister then shouted at me for making Mum shout, when really that’s Mum’s problem; the comment I made didn’t ask for any shouting at all. I took it all with a pinch of salt initially. I couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, I mean for fuck’s sake. Even now it all sounds so menial and unnecessary.

But that’s exactly what pisses me off about it all. Not so much the fact that my mother and sister want me out so desperately that they can’t quit telling me so during my last week at home; trust me, I want to be out of home more desperately than you’d believe. I’ve been wanting out for years. But no, you wanna know what really fucks me off about all this? The absolute pointlessness of it all! Fuuuuuuuuucking hell! This happens all the time. My insignificant, purely conversational comments are only intended to make someone laugh (admittedly it usually ends up being me at my own jokes, or Dad), but more importantly I just want to put a bit of a break in the daily so-called ‘conversation’ which, without fail, alternates between the subject of swimming to the subject of horses. Is that such a crime? It shouldn’t be, should it, yet my mother treats me as if I’ve nicknamed God ‘Satan’. She seems to have nothing better to do with her life than to be narrow-minded and bitter towards anything that doesn’t directly relate to or compliment her. Talk about mountains out of molehills, literally any excuse to shout her fucking head off and she’ll take it. I seriously think that for her, the more meaningless the spark, the more attractive it is. WHAT THE FUCK.

So yes, many of the apprehensions aforementioned in posts a couple of days ago about leaving home have evaporated in the light (if it can be called ‘light’) of tonight’s shit. I honestly think anywhere would be better than being stuck between these four walls with this combination of people.

And because I’m feeling a really weird kind of angry – I’m kinda amused by the stupidity of it all – here’s a gorgeous song which I rediscovered amongst my old-ish albums today. And it kinda works with the subject of this post. Kinda.:


Back at my home which isn’t really home.

The strangest thing about having spent the past 10 days with entirely you is that I’m suddenly not used to other people’s voices. Take this for example: I fell asleep in the car on the way back up North, only for about 10 minutes but long enough for my senses to become disorientated. Dad didn’t notice and said something about “having a beer when we get home”. I got very confused because I thought Dad’s voice was yours, and also that he said ‘bear’ instead of ‘beer’. I miss you already. Grrr 😦

I also have my shitty Acer back. It looks ugly because you said if it looked ugly it would work quicker because of it needing less graphics stuff or something. It’s actually working fine, I just miss all the MacBook shortcuts and all its smoothness. I’d got used to it already (in the space of, what was it, a week?) and now I wants it back. But I guess we’ll wait to figure out how much fixing it is going to cost first.

Also, I’m peeling dreadfully. Remember how I told you how horrendously sunburnt I got the other day at Mangawhai? Well yeah, apparently I don’t tan following burn. I peel and return to my usual sorry White British state. I kinda knew this already but suppose I was feverishly hoping some miracle would occur and make me more Kiwi-skinned. But instead I’m remarkably resembling a snake shedding its rather sun-frazzled skin. Oh well, we live and learn…

Mum’s asked me for a Christmas list (only a week before Christmas, I know…), but I have no idea what to ask for. I know that you’ve got me what I really want, and a laptop from them would just be out of the question. So yeah, apart from two CDs I requested a while ago, it looks like it’s going to be a bit of an empty Christmas for me. I need ideaaaaaaaaas…

AND FINALLY, as promised…

Favourite parts:

Clive: “Alright shut up boys, let’s go, c’mon LET’S GO!”
Sheldon: “Oh wow.”
Sheldon’s face at 00:34
Blake’s laugh

So uh…that would be about all of it. Hope you enjoyed 🙂


This is where I am at the moment. It’s where I have been since Thursday, and where I will be until this Wednesday. My family have moved up here and they’re renting a house here because…well actually, I don’t really know why. Same as I don’t know why we ever moved to New Zealand (not that I regret it), but it all seems to boil down to the fact that Dad always wants a change. But meh, it doesn’t affect me too much other than that it screws with my pre-University Life summer. I’ll be off to university in February so that’ll be that.

I’m very happy about this because the two-and-a-half days I’ve spent up here so far have been so boring…

Thursday: We didn’t actually arrive here until gone 6pm. The three-hour drive was longest I’ve ever driven by myself (although my brother sat in the passenger seat and force-fed me his Eminem CD in my car stereo…how did that happen?) Anyway, first impressions of the house were that it looks like a real country house from the outside – all wooden and barn-shaped. My room is tiny, but I guess that makes sense as I’m hardly going to be living here. There’s land and chicken houses and all the other typical country stuff. Oh, and I had to sleep on the floor because the bed’s arrived on Friday. This was a lovely experience.

Friday: Unpacking day. Removal men arrived at 9am, unloaded the truck-full of our crappy furniture things. We were left to arrange everything into some sort of order. I stuck to my room and got my four boxes unpacked and bed/wardrobe/dressing table etc. assembled. I had to put all my school books and heaps of my old teddies in boxes on top of my wardrobe because my room’s so small. It’s kinda sad knowing that the next time I open those boxes could well be when I have a house of my own (hopefully with you?) 😀 Is it weird that I’m really looking forward to going through old boxes of photos and diaries and toys with you some time in the future? Gah, I can’t wait to grow up beside you.

Saturday (today): Ugh. Ill as hell this morning. Cured this by complaining lots and eating. Then this afternoon I decided it was time to make Christmas cards. I still can’t get used seeing Christmas ads in stores that you’re walking through in shorts and jandals, or hearing the radio – “Your Summer Hit station *insert frequency here*” followed by Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’ or something just as corny. For the last few years I’ve sent cards to heaps of ‘friends’, but judging by the select few that seem to share the mutual worthy-of-a-Christmas-card feeling, I’ve decided to just stick to family this year. And maybe another special person or two… But yes, that was today’s mission accomplished – 6 home-made cards DONE. Feels goooood 🙂

But now I’m tired and at a loose end, and waiting for you to txt me/come online. Except you don’t get home for another 2 hours or something, so I’ll probably end up reading my book (which is actually yours) and making lists of things I want to/need to/wish I could do.

One more thing – I miss you so much. I saw you on Wednesday, but it’s another 4 days ’til I get to see you again. But at least then it’s for a weeeeeeek 😀 Yayayayayayayay 😀 I miss other people too. I miss your boys and Kristy and Sacha and Hayley and Anna. Grrrrr. I’m looking forward to Wednesday (and Thursday and Friday) and Saturday! (Christmas In The Park = evening avec toi AND other people 😀 ) Exciteeeeeeed!

This is too beautiful for words. ❤

So, summer.

I was excited. I was excited, that is, until Mum let me into ‘The Family’s BIG Plan of Action’. I did wonder when they were finally going to get round to telling me their secrets.

As it happens, Dad starts renting a house up North as of next week. This house here is supposed to be sold by December 3rd for everyone else to move up there, but if it’s not apparently we’re moving anyway and this place is getting rented. So, that’s that. And what about me? Well, I’m supposed to be happy because they’re waiting around until after my graduation dinner until they move. Yeah, wow, thanks. I mean, you’ve only complained about the price of that thing so far – huge favour you’re doing by gracing me with your presence. Not. And then, I’m supposed to move all of my things to the ‘North house’ for that to be my ‘base’, so that then I’m free to ‘do what I want’ for the summer. Perfect, right? Yes, until I find out that I get absolutely zero money from my parents for ‘doing what I want’. So it’s more like, ‘you can do what you want with the money that you have’, which, let’s face it, is not a lot. So that means getting a job – which I don’t mind – but I need to see you so I can’t just live up North and work the whole holidays. I need to be closer to you, I mean, that’s the whole bloody reason I was so excited! But yeah, whatever, I guess we’ll see how it all pans out…

All I want is a bit of a summer with you – is that really too much to ask?

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