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I’m leaving this blog behind for a bit. There is a possibility that I may revisit it at some point later in life, but for now I a) don’t have the time to maintain its upkeep, and b) think that the majority of the content in this blog is linked to a particular…kinda ‘era’ in my life.

I think it would be perhaps insensitive and unfair to blog about my everyday life these days in the same place that I have been for the past year plus. And also, it’s sort of time to turn over a new page. Well, a virtual page…

I’m still updating my tumblr daily, so if you’re interested, feel free. I guess this is going to be my replacement ‘place to think’.

It is strange how things have turned out. I never imagined my life taking a turn down this path. Not once. But now that it’s happened and is, of course, still happening, I can honestly say that I’m truly appreciative of everything I’ve done in my life. Every choice I’ve ever made, every person I’ve spoken to, every place I’ve been, every memory I’ve made… These all collate to make me who I am.

People can say I’ve changed. Or they can say I haven’t. Or never did. It’s fine. Truth is, I don’t care too much for what people say. Only the people close enough to me to know me well enough are the people whose opinions and thoughts matter.

As it is, I’m content with where I am right now. I’m changing, but I’m not. I’m definitely learning. And hell, I’m happy.

Because there’s nothing better…

And my head told my heart
“Let love grow”
But my heart told my head
“This time no”.

Au revoir. But only from here. For now.


Need to doooooo something.

I’ve got restless feet. Needing a change. Needing something new. Boredom sucks.

from http://lookbook.nu/look/849063-Vintage-floral-docs
I’ve never had DMs and I would like some cool ones like these, please.

from http://lookbook.nu/look/850821-OVERDRIVE-NOISE
Baggy jumpers and tights are the ultimate COMFORT clothing. And colourful/interesting tights are the best.

from http://lookbook.nu/look/840747-WHERE-THE-RAINDROPS-AS-THEY-RE-FALLING-TELL-A-STORY
I like baggy shirts.

So yeah, I’ve got no complaints about school holidays…until I realise a week has gone by and, really, I’ve done nothing. Except rediscover The Temper Trap. OMNOMNOM…LOVE THIS:

I beg to differ if this is not the best 6 minutes of your day.

Now then, I just wanna get some money, go shopping, get some new clothes, get some boots, go out, see people, have a decent night, party, feel pretty, THEN I’ll be happy/happier.

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