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New theeeeeeeeme.

Good excuse for a poll me thinks 🙂 So, que pensez-vous? (Slightly awkward that I had to google translate that to check the spelling. Jesus Christ, I’ve only not spoken French for 2 and a bit months. But maybe that explains the 4…)

Nothing much else to report, except that I’m glad it rained today because it meant I could wrap your V day gift and things without sweating all over them. I’m glad we’ve opted for a budget day this year. We don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to show that we love one another. And with the 14th also being your first day at CPIT it means we don’t even get to spend time together this year. But I’m sure a Skype date will suffice just fine 😀

Annnnd because I haven’t spoken to you all day (grr) and it’s true that “You’re out there having fun, and I need you. I’m alone with this song, about being empty. And the fear of missing out, it’s hard to be alone.”, this is the soundtrack of my night alone:

10 ’til 6.

I DID IT! 40 home-made cue cards later and I’ve succeeded in keeping myself away from facebook and here for 8 whole bloody hours. See, I do have some self-control.

Admittedly, I haven’t quite finished all my work. I’ve spent all day working (literally – I’ve moved from my chair for lunch and to make two cups of coffee) but I’m still only on scene four of seven of The Glass Menagerie. Oh well, at least I know I’m doing things in detail, maybe. I’ll do a few more tonight but finish them off in the morning, then do les mathematiques tomorrow.

I’ve just created one of these – It’s basically a blank page which can be edited by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thought it could be fun. And it’s completely anonymous, so anyone can write whatever the hell they want. Please do it. I like reading secret messages.

Et finalement (that is my token bit of French study), it’s so light! I like getting into my pyjamas and dressing gown at around 6 if I’m staying home, but I feel awful doing it when the sun’s still shining outside. Guess these means summer’s on its way. Again. Things never stay around for long enough, do they.

So, tell me –

I suck at decision-making. And this is a poll.

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