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Why does my blog inspiration have to happen at night?

Seriously, 2am last night I was wide awake thinking of some rant thing I was going to do about Bebo being shit because of the whole ‘Top 16’ friends thing, and ‘Other Half of me’. I even turned the light on and was seconds away from turning my laptop on before I thought I thought better of it and chose sleep as more important. So now, it comes to my typical ‘blogging time of day’ and I’ve lost all inspiration for what could potentially have been a vaguely interesting post (I know right, interesting post? Is she mad?) But hey, maybe I’ll try sleeping at night and force my enthusiastic blogging bursts to occur at a kinder hour.

Well, I realised today that we’re not going to get a Valentine’s Day together this year. You move on the 11th and I don’t join you in the same city until the 15th. Those first few days/weeks are gonna be hectic too, undoubtedly, so I have no idea how much I’ll see of you at first before we settle into our routines. Not that I’m really in a position to complain; admist school and everything else last year we not only managed to spend Valentine’s Day together, but also pretty much every weekend. So I know I’m lucky 🙂 It would just be nice to spend our second Valentine’s Day together somehow though, rather than on completely separate land masses.

On a brighter note, I do get to spend time with you in three days time 😀 I cannot wait to see you!!! It’s been far too long (interpret that as you will Sheldon 😛 )

Finally, new favourite Adele song. The lyrics make me think of you :):

Sorry, what was that? You want to see a picture of my fingernails? Oh, sure! 😛

You’re welcome.


An inspiring man – Jamie Livingston.

In my boredom, I stumbledupon a website which led me to another website and another one and so on, until I ended up discovering this guy, Jamie Livingston.

I haven’t heard of him before and I don’t know if I should have, but I find what he did incredibly inspiring. This all gives me hope that the little things I do, like keeping this blog, will maybe one day have some greater importance somehow. I think it’s extremely important to document one’s life. I used to think that publicising my thoughts and feelings on pretty much everything and everyone in my life was, well…a bit too public. Maybe it makes me seem like a bland person due to the fact I physically can (or try to) write down my thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if people maybe see it as attention-seeking perhaps, or a bit selfish and silly. But after reading about this guy, I fully appreciate the importance of noting down even the littlest things in your life, whatever media you choose to use (be it written, photographic or verbal). I don’t think it is bland or plain – I think to have created something which is completely unique to yourself adds to the mystery of the person’s character: what motivated them to do it?

In the case of Jamie Livingston, there does not seem to have been one single motivating moment to his ‘Photo of the day’ Polaroids. Again, I find that mysterious. But what captivates me and inspires me about his documentation of his life is his dedication to it, right up until his death. And in addition to this, the personal quality of his photos. He tells a story, his story. And I believe that what he left behind in the form of these Polaroids (which span over 18 years of his life), is the truth. Or at least, his truth. Because it’s his life.

I figure you can read more about Livingston yourself if you so wish. I linked you to the wiki page under his name at the beginning of this post; he is also on iMDb, and the website containing all of his Polaroids can be found here.

These are a just a few taken from his website:

All photographs taken from the Jamie Livingston ‘Photo of the day’ website.

I’m being reminded of how isolated I am so I’m gonna blog (but not about that).

Getting full-on indie now. Long and essentially meaningless blog post titles. And short sentences which, in ‘real English’ probably can’t be classified as actual ‘sentences’ because of them lacking some sort of subject or pronoun or verb or something… Anyway, I digress. Here is a list of things of interest dans ma vie at the moment:

– Well, this is my first blog post on my MacBook! I picked it up from Blake on the way back from Christchurch on Thursday. Got it into action on Friday and I think I’ve finally pretty much sorted myself out on it 🙂 Apart from a bit of a kerfuffle trying to transfer my iPod music to iTunes, and again trying to transfer my gmail contacts across to my Address Book, I am loving it. I feel like that guy in the “Hi, I’m a Mac” ads. Except I have no pity for PCs, I’m just better than them. Ha! Oh, and you know how my sister was supposed to be buying my old laptop from me? Well she’s not (Blake and I are gonna smash it up 😀 ), but her solution? Buy a Compaq laptop. I mean, WHAT? It’ll die soon. In the first day of owning it she already managed to ‘lose the mouse’ on the screen. I guess she’ll learn the hard way…

– I had a great day in Christchurch on Thursday. Got shown around my accommodation (College House) by the Dean, but only because we accidentally turned up an hour early for our appointment with some other guy. Hahaha, oh well – it looks really awesome (I was so awed by it that I forgot to take photos, sorry! But there’ll be plenty when I actually move down there I’m sure). It’s based on the Oxford and Cambridge set-up, so we have formal dinners four days a week (with gowns and everything!) and they have debating and cultural evenings and chapel and ALL sorts of fun things 😀 The only thing I have to do myself is laundry, and ironically it’s the only (OK, almost only…) thing I don’t do at home. So either Mum will show me what to do before I go down, or I’ll shrink and dye a few things in the process of teaching myself. Either way. We walked around the city too and it’s so quiet compared to Auckland. I like it 🙂 Here is a photo of the beautiful Christchurch cathedral:

– The flights have been booked to go to Christchurch on the 15th too. I find it incredibly terrifying that in exactly a month I will be longer be living at home… But in exactly a month I will also be a hell of a lot closer to you, and permanently 😀 And as soon as we settle into our study and job routines, we’ll organise Friday night pizza-nights or something cute 🙂 Plus you has a double bed in your room so it’ll be kinda like normal – me always coming to see you rather than the other way round, hehe 😛 But yesh, that is one BIG part that I am looking forward to immensely 😀

– And well, at the moment my life is a little bit on hold. Apart from having a scholarship I need to apply for, I have nothing planned until I go back to Auckland on the 29th (or around then). I’ve been to the beach for the past two days, so I guess I’ll continue that routine until the sun stops shining. And then I’ll just blog and tumblr and facebook my way through the days until I get to see you again. It was so good to see you the other day, even if it was so very briefly. I miss you more and more with each passing day (hence my excitement aforementioned in the previous point).

– Finally, well, CLIVE’S BACK!!! And you’re all getting to hang out and talk about the film tonight and I can’t bloody be there. I suppose this point actually does relate back to this post’s title. Living out here does suck. Whenever I’ve spoken to people over the past few weeks and they’ve asked where I am it’s been pretty much “Oh wow! It’s beautiful up there. But to live? Yeah, bit out of the way…” Which is exactly the point. I’m not about to complain about not having a summer because I sure as hell am weather-wise. I’m just not really getting a summer with friends. I’m not getting to hang out at Kristy’s beach house as was loosely planned, and I don’t get to chill with you and your guys either. But I guess soon enough I will. And soon enough I’ll be making new friends too. I just wish I could spend some proper decent time with the people who matter before I leave the majority of them in favour of Christchurch..

Finally, there’s this beauty:

And this stupid close-up, but it’s cute 😀

I’ve been reading my old blog posts

and it just hit me. All that stress about EE and all that procrastination – IT’S OVER!!!!! Having skimmed over some of my blog posts from the middle of last year just now, I’ve only just realised how HUGE a form of procrastination my blog has been. Hahaha, but who cares now. Completed my EE easily and got a B 😀 And it seems to be the general consensus that university (well, Arts anyway) is easier/less stress than doing two years of IB, which gives me no reason to stop blogging. So I won’t 😀

Here be me:

All smiling and happy ’cause I aced that muthatrukka of a Diploma, you see? 😀

Alalalalalalalalalala. Good night now though, for real. Well, in a bit.

My 2010/2011 NYE.

A collection of my favourite photos from my camera. Because screw writing an even distinctly this-makes-sense post now. I is tired. But am having fun staying with Blakie, of course 😀

Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2011 is kind to us all 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions/Whatever.

So I’ve failed at ever inventing any of these for the past…actually, no…since forever. I figured it couldn’t harm to think up a list of things, and since I’ve had the time to actually think about them a little bit, perhaps they’ll even last a little while. Who knows. Anyway, here’s the list for 2011:

1 ) Wear less make-up more often
2 ) Find a good author/series and read more
3 ) Say yes to more things, such as meeting up with people, doing favours etc.
4 ) Get grumpy less often
5 ) Choose the healthy option most of the time
6 ) Start and stick to some sort of fitness regime, but nothing too hardcore
7 ) Stay in touch with people from school when at uni, or at least commit to facebook comments every so often
8 ) Blog frequently
9 ) Compose EVEN ONE piece of music on violin
10 ) Get involved in a band/music group of some sort
11 ) Spend lots of time with you
12 ) Make more To-Do lists and complete them
13 ) Take photos of important and memorable moments/occasions so as not to forget
14 ) Save my money i.e. don’t spend it the minute I earn it

Well I guess I’ll see how this list fares in the new year. Who knows what things could be thrown my way in the next 12 months? Hoping for the best though – what couldn’t be better than being a student living in earthquake-shaken Christchurch away from home for my first year of tertiary study?! Hahaha, I kinda joke, I’m seriously excited really 😀

Oh, and I guess you want my Christmas news? Well it’s not all that exciting in all honesty, but the day passed as undramatically as it possibly could have. Favourite presents? Well, obviously my camera from Blakie (I is so spoilt really 😀 ). I took this picture on the evening of Christmas day:

And I’m enjoying my Alex Day/Charlie McDonnell CD bundle too 🙂 Favourite Alex song is here. If you don’t click this, you suck ass. (That includes you Blake…)

ALTHOUGH! I gets to see you tomorrow!!! It’s been a looooooong 10 days and I can’t wait 😀 Birthday and New Year’s celebrations…I think so 🙂 I love you .

PS. My actual new favourite song in the world (it isn’t Alex or Charlie…) was discovered today on tumblr (it has its uses, see?) But listen to this, IT IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL. I’m gonna have to buy their album from somewhere…

Some things that came out of today:

– Snow on my blog (see? 😀 ) Just to make me feel a little bit more Christmassy (although I’ve never actually experienced a ‘white Christmas’)

– This quote/paragraph which was found here:

“As you get older, you express yourself in fewer and fewer instances. Or at least, you begin to find new ways to express yourself, other than simple verbal communication. As a child you basically waste hours of the day running your mouth, thinking out loud, asking questions, trying to identify with someone or something. But when you get older you begin to speak through the various facets of your interests. You write, you sketch, you paint, you photograph things, you plan cities, you pull teeth, you hit the bottle, you hit the wall, you hit the floor, you grout tile, you kiss women, you kiss vicodin, you steal purses, you text friends, you stare at the sun, you feed birds, you read books, you teach a lecture class, you shake hands, you get married, you eat scallops, you move to Eastern Europe, you drive a Jeep, you mash keys on a keyboard, you tuck your kids into bed. All of these are manners of speaking. As you get older, just realize that you’ll eventually pick your medium.”

It made me think, which I like.

– I watched a Ted Talk about synthetic happiness, and how if we believe something is supposed to make us happier, we will tell ourselves that it does. This made me realise that a) psychology = something I could get more into, and b) Ted Talks are also cool. People have always told me this, so I think I’ll try and make watching them a semi-regular thing.

– Also, this song:

It’s uplifting and cute, and was kinda needed 🙂

– This blog post. Just do yourself a favour and go and look through these photos. It makes you wonder about the world we live in.

– And finally, here’s an old picture of you and I. Well, ‘old’. Over a year ago, but not two years. Not ‘old’ in the time-scale of the universe, but ‘old’ in the sense of a relationship of 13 and a half months plus. I’m posting it because I didn’t stop thinking about you today. I couldn’t.

Omnomnom 🙂 I miss you.

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