CAR break-down. Don’t worry, I’m not there yet. But this was the second in a week. Seems my car is the only one that is actually reliable, despite it being viewed as the shitty, approved by Dad as an it’ll-do-for-our-daughter car. I’ll be sad to see my Honda go when I leave for university, that much is true.

But back to today. My family minus Dad (he was away) got stranded in Kerikeri for 3 additional and unwelcome hours after something screwed up in the starter motor and it wouldn’t start to take us home. The one good thing that came out of all this? Well, I bought a $1 white shirt. Lovely. No, you’re right. It wasn’t. Fucking shithouse of a day.

This also meant my plans to finish my scholarship didn’t happen. I got a sunburnt back and face (again). And then, to make this day a whole lot better, I find out that the fishing rod I bought my brother for Christmas to catch eels with got washed away in the torrential rain we had at the weekend. And it’s not like he left it out overnight to (try to) catch something; that might be understandable. No, he’d left if down by the river for weeks. Forgotten about it, essentially. So sorry, but that’s the last time I buy a present for him that actually had some thought put into it.

Is it strange then, that watching Nigella’s Kitchen was the peaceful highlight of my day? In context, no, I think it’s perfectly understandable.

This is helping with the calming too:


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