Why does my blog inspiration have to happen at night?

Seriously, 2am last night I was wide awake thinking of some rant thing I was going to do about Bebo being shit because of the whole ‘Top 16’ friends thing, and ‘Other Half of me’. I even turned the light on and was seconds away from turning my laptop on before I thought I thought better of it and chose sleep as more important. So now, it comes to my typical ‘blogging time of day’ and I’ve lost all inspiration for what could potentially have been a vaguely interesting post (I know right, interesting post? Is she mad?) But hey, maybe I’ll try sleeping at night and force my enthusiastic blogging bursts to occur at a kinder hour.

Well, I realised today that we’re not going to get a Valentine’s Day together this year. You move on the 11th and I don’t join you in the same city until the 15th. Those first few days/weeks are gonna be hectic too, undoubtedly, so I have no idea how much I’ll see of you at first before we settle into our routines. Not that I’m really in a position to complain; admist school and everything else last year we not only managed to spend Valentine’s Day together, but also pretty much every weekend. So I know I’m lucky 🙂 It would just be nice to spend our second Valentine’s Day together somehow though, rather than on completely separate land masses.

On a brighter note, I do get to spend time with you in three days time 😀 I cannot wait to see you!!! It’s been far too long (interpret that as you will Sheldon 😛 )

Finally, new favourite Adele song. The lyrics make me think of you :):

Sorry, what was that? You want to see a picture of my fingernails? Oh, sure! 😛

You’re welcome.


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