‘It’s raining.’ ‘Yeah.’

Sooo, interesting things today:

– I have, unintentionally, blogged everyday for the past week. Today is my eighth day in a row. EXCITING! Okay, it’s not really.

– I have 888 words of my scholarship application done. I found it surprisingly easy to do, but maybe that’s because I’m basically retelling my life-story in terms of my music experiences. I don’t know if that’s what the want or not, but tough…’cause it’s what they’re getting.

– And finally, I officially officially confirmed my enrollment at university today through means of paying my fees. This allows me to sort out my streaming for my lectures which is hard when I’m trying to judge the distance between lecture theatres and figure out how late I’d be if I have one lecture from 12-1 in C1 and the next from 1-2 in A2. ASDGFLSHJA, I know. But anyway, it’s kind of exciting 🙂

I’m listening to Carmina Burana at the mo which brings back a million memories from 3 Counties Orchestra in 2007. I played first violin in this and fuuuuuuuuck, it was all so intense!! I’ll post it here, not that I expect you to listen to the entire hour plus of it…but just so you that you get the idea 😀

Annnnnd if this wasn’t a long enough post for you, help yourself to this (thanks Anna 😛 )



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