An inspiring man – Jamie Livingston.

In my boredom, I stumbledupon a website which led me to another website and another one and so on, until I ended up discovering this guy, Jamie Livingston.

I haven’t heard of him before and I don’t know if I should have, but I find what he did incredibly inspiring. This all gives me hope that the little things I do, like keeping this blog, will maybe one day have some greater importance somehow. I think it’s extremely important to document one’s life. I used to think that publicising my thoughts and feelings on pretty much everything and everyone in my life was, well…a bit too public. Maybe it makes me seem like a bland person due to the fact I physically can (or try to) write down my thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if people maybe see it as attention-seeking perhaps, or a bit selfish and silly. But after reading about this guy, I fully appreciate the importance of noting down even the littlest things in your life, whatever media you choose to use (be it written, photographic or verbal). I don’t think it is bland or plain – I think to have created something which is completely unique to yourself adds to the mystery of the person’s character: what motivated them to do it?

In the case of Jamie Livingston, there does not seem to have been one single motivating moment to his ‘Photo of the day’ Polaroids. Again, I find that mysterious. But what captivates me and inspires me about his documentation of his life is his dedication to it, right up until his death. And in addition to this, the personal quality of his photos. He tells a story, his story. And I believe that what he left behind in the form of these Polaroids (which span over 18 years of his life), is the truth. Or at least, his truth. Because it’s his life.

I figure you can read more about Livingston yourself if you so wish. I linked you to the wiki page under his name at the beginning of this post; he is also on iMDb, and the website containing all of his Polaroids can be found here.

These are a just a few taken from his website:

All photographs taken from the Jamie Livingston ‘Photo of the day’ website.


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