Well, 5,070 to be precise. Thank you and all that. I guess. I don’t really get anything out of the fact that you lot have read my blog 5,070 times, but it makes me feel good. Like you care a little bit. Hopefully some of you do. Those of you that don’t, well, maybe you just enjoy being nosey and bitching about things I say. That’d be equally as cool because I guess that’s still ‘caring’, to an extent. But back to those of you that do actually care – I loves you 🙂 You are very special people – Blakie, Alex, the other guys, Marisa…uhh, they’re the only people I actually know for sure that read this. But they’re the coolest people. So it is to those people that this post is dedicated 😀

I wish I had something exceptionally cool that I could mark this post with, but I kinda don’t. I made a cake today so if I could share that with all of you I would. But I can’t. So instead, here’s this (the first song that comes to mind when I think of a song about friends and shit):


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