A bored person is a boring person.

Blah blah blah, whatever, shut up.

I blame my lack of activity today largely on the weather (humid, raining and gale-like – due to us catching the edge of a cyclone or something apparently). I like rain sometimes though. It gives you an excuse to do indoor-y things without feeling guilty about not being outside. But it’s always the way – when I’m given the perfect day to do my indoor-y things (like a scholarship application and timetable planning and emailing people etc), I cannot be arsed. Hence why today was so totally bleh.

ONE EXCITING THING THOUGH! I’m officially accepted into the University of Canterbury and I got into my music course (the one that was limited numbers and also first-come, first-serve?) So that was a great email to wake up to. My rough timetable has also been published on my online student area place (kinda like the university version of eKristin). Looks like I’ve got a pretty sweet deal – my earliest lecture starts at 10am and my latest finishes at 4pm 🙂

However, I am sort of…well, scared. It’s going to be so different to anything I’ve ever done before – the living away from home aspect as well as the lectures and studying. I keep finding myself imaging College House life as being similar to the music camps I used to go on back in the UK. I guess to an extent it will be, in the sense of the food hall and bathroom sharing and making friends. But I’m going to be in a room of my own. And it’s going to be hard to know when to have ‘me’ time and when to be being social and when to be studying alone or with friends or when to go to the shops and whether to go to the shops with people or alone or with people from outside College House…ASDHAJDFHJHDAFH! 😦 I’m so confused. I can’t sleep at night because of it. It’s all stupid stuff, but it’s still, well…stuff. It’s bound to be fine and it’ll all probably sort itself out once I’m there. But, I don’t know. It’s just weird trying to imagine it. Bleh.

The only other remotely interesting thing today was me attempting to learn this on violin (it was the only half-decent clip out of the two on youtube of the song, but I think you get the idea):

When I went to visit College House the Dean let me in on a little secret about the Cultural Evenings that are put on frequently by the students. Usually they get the second years to put on the first one to give us first years an idea of what to expect. But this year, us first years are being made to do the first Evening. I figure if I at least have one thing up my sleeve I can contribute a little something to the nervous first years’ effort. So that explains that.

In other news, I miss you. Come talk to me?


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