I’ve been reading my old blog posts

and it just hit me. All that stress about EE and all that procrastination – IT’S OVER!!!!! Having skimmed over some of my blog posts from the middle of last year just now, I’ve only just realised how HUGE a form of procrastination my blog has been. Hahaha, but who cares now. Completed my EE easily and got a B 😀 And it seems to be the general consensus that university (well, Arts anyway) is easier/less stress than doing two years of IB, which gives me no reason to stop blogging. So I won’t 😀

Here be me:

All smiling and happy ’cause I aced that muthatrukka of a Diploma, you see? 😀

Alalalalalalalalalala. Good night now though, for real. Well, in a bit.


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