New Year’s Resolutions/Whatever.

So I’ve failed at ever inventing any of these for the past…actually, no…since forever. I figured it couldn’t harm to think up a list of things, and since I’ve had the time to actually think about them a little bit, perhaps they’ll even last a little while. Who knows. Anyway, here’s the list for 2011:

1 ) Wear less make-up more often
2 ) Find a good author/series and read more
3 ) Say yes to more things, such as meeting up with people, doing favours etc.
4 ) Get grumpy less often
5 ) Choose the healthy option most of the time
6 ) Start and stick to some sort of fitness regime, but nothing too hardcore
7 ) Stay in touch with people from school when at uni, or at least commit to facebook comments every so often
8 ) Blog frequently
9 ) Compose EVEN ONE piece of music on violin
10 ) Get involved in a band/music group of some sort
11 ) Spend lots of time with you
12 ) Make more To-Do lists and complete them
13 ) Take photos of important and memorable moments/occasions so as not to forget
14 ) Save my money i.e. don’t spend it the minute I earn it

Well I guess I’ll see how this list fares in the new year. Who knows what things could be thrown my way in the next 12 months? Hoping for the best though – what couldn’t be better than being a student living in earthquake-shaken Christchurch away from home for my first year of tertiary study?! Hahaha, I kinda joke, I’m seriously excited really 😀

Oh, and I guess you want my Christmas news? Well it’s not all that exciting in all honesty, but the day passed as undramatically as it possibly could have. Favourite presents? Well, obviously my camera from Blakie (I is so spoilt really 😀 ). I took this picture on the evening of Christmas day:

And I’m enjoying my Alex Day/Charlie McDonnell CD bundle too 🙂 Favourite Alex song is here. If you don’t click this, you suck ass. (That includes you Blake…)

ALTHOUGH! I gets to see you tomorrow!!! It’s been a looooooong 10 days and I can’t wait 😀 Birthday and New Year’s celebrations…I think so 🙂 I love you .

PS. My actual new favourite song in the world (it isn’t Alex or Charlie…) was discovered today on tumblr (it has its uses, see?) But listen to this, IT IS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL. I’m gonna have to buy their album from somewhere…


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