This time of year.

Despite the ways in which I undoubtedly portray my family a lot of the time, Christmas is, unarguably, a time for family. That is why, as soon as I finish typing this short post, I’m gonna leave the haven of my bedroom for a bit, and go and play Rummy or board games with the family. The family you have are the family you’re born with – whether you like it or not. Of course, it may feel like you and your parents and/or siblings are arguing 99% of the time. I know that’s how I feel (or maybe 98%). But Christmas is the time of year which shouldn’t come under the umbrella of ‘argumentative moments’. Christmas is that 1 – 2% of the time that you and your family can, and should, get on. Of course there are bound to be disagreements over dinner or someone’s choice of presents or something, but take these moments to step back and observe the fact that you’re lucky. You have a family. There are too many people out there who don’t have someone special to share it with, as you and I do. Be thankful.

So, this Christmas, whether you’re religious or not, take a moment to think of others out there in the world. Whilst you’re tucking into a luxuriously over-sized (because really they are) Christmas feast, or unwrapping another ‘Cats and Dogs’ calendar from your grandmother, scrap the complaints and the arguments. Just try and relish in the moment for what it is; precious time with your family and loved ones. Well, I’m going to attempt to take my own advice on this one anyway.

This is absolutely my favourite Christmas song:

PS. Merry Christmas everyone 😀


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