Non-stop rain.

Like, seriously. I woke up at friggin’ 11am and wasn’t able to have a shower straight away because Dad was pumping over-flowing water from the water tank into some other storage. Stupid water tank. Last time I was here we were ‘in a drought’ and having bloody 2 minute showers (this is short for me) for fear of the water running out. Now, as soon as it rains, we’re almost having to have showers constantly to use up the water before it over-flows from the tank. How silly.

Today sucked arse anyway. My productivity reached its limit when I decided to write a list of things to do. I managed to complete item 1 on the list which was to write my Christmas list as was requested by my mother yesterday. This is what I have:

– Money towards laptop
– New phone
– A5ish diary
– Leg warmers
– Sunglasses
– Beanie hat with tassels
– High-waisted shorts
– Summer shirt/blouse

I’m such a great daughter really. I don’t even really need a new phone – I only added it to give the list a bit of substance. So, if you minus that plus the fact that it’s highly unlikely I’ll get any laptop money, we’re looking at a nice, affordable list of items. Thank you Santa.

In summary, today: sleep, sleep, sleep, rain, shower, rain, tumblr, facebook, rain, shouting, rain, lunch, rain, rain, read book, facebook, rain, read book, drink coffee, rain, stops raining so blog about when it was raining, the rest of today is likely to follow a very similar and predictable pattern…

This has been stuck in my head for a bit. Interesting points:

3:30 WHO THE FUCK PLAYS THE CELLO UP THERE?! Silly man. His bowing is also completely out of time with the music (which sounds more like violins than cellos anyway).
3:55 reminds me of that cow cows cows video.


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