Back at my home which isn’t really home.

The strangest thing about having spent the past 10 days with entirely you is that I’m suddenly not used to other people’s voices. Take this for example: I fell asleep in the car on the way back up North, only for about 10 minutes but long enough for my senses to become disorientated. Dad didn’t notice and said something about “having a beer when we get home”. I got very confused because I thought Dad’s voice was yours, and also that he said ‘bear’ instead of ‘beer’. I miss you already. Grrr 😦

I also have my shitty Acer back. It looks ugly because you said if it looked ugly it would work quicker because of it needing less graphics stuff or something. It’s actually working fine, I just miss all the MacBook shortcuts and all its smoothness. I’d got used to it already (in the space of, what was it, a week?) and now I wants it back. But I guess we’ll wait to figure out how much fixing it is going to cost first.

Also, I’m peeling dreadfully. Remember how I told you how horrendously sunburnt I got the other day at Mangawhai? Well yeah, apparently I don’t tan following burn. I peel and return to my usual sorry White British state. I kinda knew this already but suppose I was feverishly hoping some miracle would occur and make me more Kiwi-skinned. But instead I’m remarkably resembling a snake shedding its rather sun-frazzled skin. Oh well, we live and learn…

Mum’s asked me for a Christmas list (only a week before Christmas, I know…), but I have no idea what to ask for. I know that you’ve got me what I really want, and a laptop from them would just be out of the question. So yeah, apart from two CDs I requested a while ago, it looks like it’s going to be a bit of an empty Christmas for me. I need ideaaaaaaaaas…

AND FINALLY, as promised…

Favourite parts:

Clive: “Alright shut up boys, let’s go, c’mon LET’S GO!”
Sheldon: “Oh wow.”
Sheldon’s face at 00:34
Blake’s laugh

So uh…that would be about all of it. Hope you enjoyed 🙂


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