One week later…

OK, first things first, I’m wrapping your Christmas present (well, attempt 2 of it) right now. It is making me grin my head of with cuteness so I hope it does the same to you 😀

Well, what a week. If there’s one thing that I’m majorly taking away from all this, it’s that your friends are my friends. Big time. And I like that so much. I think yesterday was one of the best summer days I’ve spent with friends in a long time. Screw the major sunburn and complete exhaustion – I had the time of my life. 🙂 For everyone else who has no idea what I’m so happy about, when the trailers and posters (and finally the movie) are done, I’ll post them all here. Oh and when you realise I’m not actually on-screen at all, remember that it’s just as fun being the Producer’s ‘assistant’ as being an actual actor. Just sayin’ 😛

Although I’m sad all that’s over, I’m looking forward to the next few days too. A bit of you and me time, as well as cute gatherings with other couples. And movies and dinner hopefully (seeing as we haven’t done that yet and I go home in 3 and a half days and we already have other things planned). I’m also sorry for getting sad earlier. I’ve thought about it and I’m just gonna put it down to the absolute exhaustion I’m feeling at the moment. You, also, don’t need to get yourself down. I’m the one with the silly head, not you. And you look after me perfectly so schtop worrying cutie 🙂

Finally, here’s that song I wanted to show you. This clip is super cool because of the whole ’79ness of it, plus the fucking hipster accents. “…Who swear like ‘How’s your father’ and they’re very cool for cats…”. This line reminds me of you a bit. In a cute way 🙂 (The actual song starts at 1:35 if you wanted to be boring and skip the intro. Up to you, but I advise otherwise.)


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