You make everything better.

Well you dooooo. Earlier today, I felt awful (as I’m sure was quite apparent in my previous post). Talking to Clive helped, but then I thought to best way to completely cure the pain would be to just talk to you. So I did. We skyped and I told you my disastrous stupid attempt at trying to get you a nice Christmas present. You laughed, said how I should give you the vinyl so you could rip the shit out of it in a YouTube rant. We googled the stupid Japanese guy who decided to copy The Fucking Beatles in the first place. He does jazz versions of other people’s song apparently. Who would want to waste their time doing that?! Then you told me you didn’t even like that album anyway. Hahahaha, oh you’re such a FUCK 😛 But maybe it was a blessing in disguise then? I’d hate to, of all things, give you some fucking Christmas present that you didn’t even want. So instead, I don’t care what you say, you’re going to let me drag you around some shops and I’m going to buy you something you actually want…a tripod, some Queen shit…whatever. And I might return the shitty fail vinyl, but then again – as you said – maybe we should just hand it around people as some shitty joke present. Except only you and I would get the joke so maybe that wouldn’t work… But either way, it doesn’t matter all that much. Thank you for helping me put it all into perspective 🙂

And right now, I can’t sleeeeeeeeep. I feel like Christmas has come a little bit early because TOMORROW NIGHT I GET TO SEE YOU AND THEN STAY WITH YOU FOR TEN DAYS!!!!! 😀 This makes me very happy (of course) ’cause it’ll be the longest amount of time we’ll have spent together in one single blob of time…if that makes sense. And at the best time of year too – Christmas 😀

Maybe I’ll try to sleep in a bit, but for now, this song is cute 🙂



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