Some things that came out of today:

– Snow on my blog (see? 😀 ) Just to make me feel a little bit more Christmassy (although I’ve never actually experienced a ‘white Christmas’)

– This quote/paragraph which was found here:

“As you get older, you express yourself in fewer and fewer instances. Or at least, you begin to find new ways to express yourself, other than simple verbal communication. As a child you basically waste hours of the day running your mouth, thinking out loud, asking questions, trying to identify with someone or something. But when you get older you begin to speak through the various facets of your interests. You write, you sketch, you paint, you photograph things, you plan cities, you pull teeth, you hit the bottle, you hit the wall, you hit the floor, you grout tile, you kiss women, you kiss vicodin, you steal purses, you text friends, you stare at the sun, you feed birds, you read books, you teach a lecture class, you shake hands, you get married, you eat scallops, you move to Eastern Europe, you drive a Jeep, you mash keys on a keyboard, you tuck your kids into bed. All of these are manners of speaking. As you get older, just realize that you’ll eventually pick your medium.”

It made me think, which I like.

– I watched a Ted Talk about synthetic happiness, and how if we believe something is supposed to make us happier, we will tell ourselves that it does. This made me realise that a) psychology = something I could get more into, and b) Ted Talks are also cool. People have always told me this, so I think I’ll try and make watching them a semi-regular thing.

– Also, this song:

It’s uplifting and cute, and was kinda needed 🙂

– This blog post. Just do yourself a favour and go and look through these photos. It makes you wonder about the world we live in.

– And finally, here’s an old picture of you and I. Well, ‘old’. Over a year ago, but not two years. Not ‘old’ in the time-scale of the universe, but ‘old’ in the sense of a relationship of 13 and a half months plus. I’m posting it because I didn’t stop thinking about you today. I couldn’t.

Omnomnom 🙂 I miss you.


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