Desperately. I’ve had this THING for practically 3 years and, being Windows (and a completely shit Windows at that), it’s just dying on me. It keeps telling me how my C drive is exploding because I store too much stuff on it, but in actual fact when it told me that two years ago I cleared it all out and it was fine for about two months. And then it mysteriously gained a heap of junk overnight and ever since it’s been pretty hopeless.

I guess it has got me through two years of IB. Well, just. When the battery buggered out on me earlier this year I bought a new charger. When that didn’t work, I got a new battery. Somehow a combination of old and new/battery and charger meant it worked when plugged in, but try using it without a power supply? Yeah, dead within a minute. That, my study class friends, is the exact reason why I must always have a plug in the study centre! Well, past tense now I suppose 😦

Anyway, this post is fuelled by my most recent ASDKHJFFSSDLCF with my laptop thing (for want of a better word). Whilst studying psychology today, I decided I was getting a little bit annoyed with the persistent bubble popping up every minute telling me ‘ACER C is full. Please clear files.’ (or something like that but in more computery speak). So, off I click, let’s uninstall some crap I don’t need anymore (like IB SL Question Bank!) But oh wait, it won’t let me uninstall my LARGE programmes. It needs space to do that. What the hell? I need to clear space to be able to clear space?!! How does this work?????? I got frustrated, then thought OK, let’s be sensible – I’ll remove some of those stupid pointless updates for Microsoft Works (or something). They’re smaller in size, so that’ll mean they won’t need space cleared in order for them to be cleared. Anyway, all good for two 40KB things. Get onto the third – screen freezes. WTFHOMOASDFHJKLWHYWOULDYOUDOTHIIIIIIS????? Ctrl-Alt-Del…here we go again…restart (this has been my so far fool-proof laptop cure). Opening screen – everything’s magnified? Uh, what? I fiddle around, try to change the resolution – nothing. Restart about 5 more times but it appears my cause is hopeless. My three-year old computer has decided to recreate itself with some stupid zoomed-in screen – things don’t fit any more and everything’s fuzzy. WHHHHYYYYYYYYY?

Maybe I’m a clueless techno-idiot. But this is just stupid. I want NEED a MacBook in some shape or form NOW. Stuff waiting for uni.

Un chanson to make me feel better? 😀 (which takes a year to load on this machine, so I can’t actually listen to it myself…)

EDIT: It won’t work. Go listen to it for yourself if you will – Safety Net by Heretics. It’s good, unlike this post. I apologise 😦

Oh, and PS. my laptop is also lacking in its ‘G’ key. I guess it gives it some character?


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