^ I believe that’s a generic term for ‘WTF, annoyed, frustrated, FFFFFFFUUUUUUU~, etc.’

Today would be fantastic if I didn’t have exams a week away and was spending today at the beach like last summer, but hello reality. Why is the one subject I need to study for the one I can’t. I am going to be so much happier on the afternoon of November 5th. I don’t care that I’ll still have the majority of my exams left to sit, I’ll have finished maths! (providing I pass…)

Anyway, this is actually just a pointless, rambling post that doesn’t really need to exist, but as I’ve started I might as well finish. Donc, aujourd’hui:

– Woke up feeling great because I only overslept my 7:30am alarm by half an hour (usually setting my alarm for this kind of time during holidays/weekends results in me eventually surfacing at 9:30 or something just as useless…)

– Maths day, yay! And it’s sunny so I can sit outside and do it, great! Anything to make it a bit more bearable. Except, no. I just can’t do it. Well, I can do some of it and I even kinda taught myself some vectors stuff (although it’ll be a miracle if it sticks in my brain). But I just don’t know what it is. I must just have some super-human ability to find distractions in everything. Although, yesterday doing ecosystems wasn’t too bad. Aha, conclusion! It’s just maths. It has to be. No other logical explanation really.

– One good thing that has emerged from me sitting outside trying to study, is a bit of a tan. Yay 😀 Although me being tanned this early on in the summer means that by New Year’s I’m either going to be black as the next Westie you bump in to in Massey, or red and peeling like a little shrimp. Lovely image, I know. But that’s the inconvenient truth of being an Englishwoman in New Zealand.

– Also, I keep getting worried that my calculator is going to blow up. Or frazzle. What effect does the sun have on calculators? Or laptops, or any electrical equipment that may oh-so-innocently be used outside? Just a thought.

– And I’ve sorted out a bit of income for myself over the couple of weeks I have left living here between finishing exams and moving up North. Via a lovely and rather unexpected email conversation with my manager this morning, I’ve got a shift and a half either side of Grad Dinner weekend (means I’m working Mum’s birthday, mwahahahaha!) but stuff it, I need to make my own money if she’s not gonna give me any. So I have to write them a little letter of resignation just to be all official, then that’ll be that. It’s quite sad really, I liked that place.

That’s it I think. Half an hour of study has just been lost forever (actually, when I put it like that it’s a little bit ‘Ooh shit, my future? Exams?! Eeek.’) but as the clouds have decided to come and play, I think I’ll leave you with these and go inside to attempt to re-teach myself vectors.

This is my god forsaken maths class. As you can see, it’s (generally) not me and my class that have the problem, it’s just me and Maths.

And this is just another cute song 😀


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