Gina ♥

I feel so empty, like I should be doing something but I don’t know what. You were loved Gina, and I know you will continue to be loved more and more with each passing day. I wasn’t incredibly close to you, but I knew you well enough to know that you’re an absolute angel and that everyone who knew you thought the same (I only have to look at my facebook homepage to know this). There is only one week left of school, but ecosystems won’t ever be the same. Nothing will be. I don’t understand.

This has made me realise things too. It has put life in its entirety into a perspective of some sort. It’s all so confused and muddled at the moment, but suddenly the little things in life aren’t as important any more. The things to treasure most are the lives of those around you. Each and every one is more precious than the rarest of gems, and shines brighter than the most expensive of diamonds. Life can’t have a price. We are gifted with it and we have to be so thankful for that – for ours and for everyone else’s.

To all those suffering the most during this time, look after yourselves. Remember that everyone is standing by each other, that’s what’s so amazing about our Kristin community. And Gina, we love you, you look after yourself too. And rest in peace ♥


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