I feel it is appropriate, and monumental, for me to announce that I have topped 3,000 views on this blog since March this year. In 7 months, that averages to…428 views per month (which actually isn’t that impressive, but seeing as I don’t force feed this blog to anyone except Blakie, it’s not bad 😀 )

I should probably think of something unique and cool to post to mark this occasion, but as I can’t think of anything as yet, I will post my prelim results so far:

Maths: 32% – Yes, this needs improving, but I have help timetabled into these next 2 weeks in the form of helpful mathematical friends.
Lit: 82% –  Despite being initially a little bit disappointed with this, I have decided I am happy. Although it does depend on the texts on the day of the final…
Psych: 66% – Technically 65.56%, but as 66% was the boundary for a 7, I’m sticking with that.
Music: 84% – I’m glad I can rely on music to save my grades.
French: 62% – But this is only paper 1, because French professeurs are too slack to get papers marked in two days. Haha, yeah, kidding.

So yes, overall I’m thinking this isn’t too bad, especially accounting for the lack of study I actually did thanks to my fantastic procrastination skills. Today was aussi bon because:

  • Leaver’s jerseys

  • Unexpected present from my little friend Steph 😀 She hand-sewed a quilt which is absolutely amazing, and I got a letter and photos. This all made me smile a lot, but not as much as this quote which was sewn under one corner of the quilt – “Life without music would B♭.” I do love this 🙂
  • Lunchtime fun with you and your boys
  • Cuddles from you
  • Talky talk with Boyd (next year – 😀 !!!)
  • Mum finding me mathematical help in the form of friends of friends
  • Having 7 days left of school EVER 😀

I think this song is appropriate in regard to the whole ‘school’ thing:

I love you (:


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