Just another blog post about studying and stuff.

Because today, I sucked at it. Completely. I woke up, ‘Hey, maths day today. Go through a past paper and revise things I don’t know at the same time.’ Well it soon became clear that I knew nothing. At least it felt like it. What annoys me most though, is how after two days of maths tutorials last week, I felt great. I felt like there may be a possibility that I won’t fail maths. But of course, as soon as I sit down and try to do a paper myself, that confidence just crumbles. I just suck so badly. I wish so much that I’d done studies; I don’t even need maths for what I want to do. So then, I gave up. I organised my music folder instead. Didn’t really ‘study’ as such, which is when I realised that the best part of ‘studying’ is ‘organising’ two years worth of notes and finding little messages and conversations and doodles from yourself and your obviously equally as hard-working peers. My music folder is full of them. Lots of pictures of penises (courtesy of Dylan) and – what I consider the highlight of such an art collection – a single page of blank refill containing a roughly drawn circle to which an arrow points stating ‘Someone licked here. Eww.’ I am treasuring this.

I also wasted a huge amount of time editing my World of Text page due to the fact that someone (I suspect Jack) attempted – and very nearly succeeded – in filling as much of the space as possible with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (backward slashes?) I do find this thing extremely cool though. It’s amazing how sexual everyone is when they get to be anonymous. Although of course, there are those who do not have to be anonymous to be sexual.

Finally, my tumblr. I told you I gots one, so follow me! Good person.

And finally finally, this is for you cutie 😀 I am so looking forward to Friday!!!

Now off to watch Top Gear Bolivia 😛 …


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