I hate ‘study break’.

I should’ve known it was impossible to have two productive days in a row. I finished off my cue cards today and then the sun managed to tempt me outside so, naturally, I’ve been unable to get back to work since. I also made one of my stupidest decisions ever and contradicted my post from a couple of days ago by getting myself a tumblr. I said last night that it would be for the pure reason that I would be able to ‘like’ Blakie’s posts, but guess what? I’ve spent the past hour reblogging stuff from other random tumblrs. Great. One thing is for sure though – nothing is going to take over this blog. This is my place and tumblr can just be my bit on the side for, I don’t know…collecting junk?

In other news, the sun is out and it feels like summer. Which is really not doing my studying any favours. I wanna be on holiday with you and driving around with the windows down…going to the beach…picnicing… Sigh, soon I guess 🙂 And I’m not only behind on studying, but university stuff too. Applications for scholarships are due by 5pm on October 1st. I don’t want to write 500 words on the importance of the Alumni Community at UC just to be in with an extremely slight chance of being granted $5,000. So I’ll try and do that tonight/tomorrow. But it probably won’t happen. Which means I won’t be able to afford university, which means I won’t be able to move to ChCh, which means I’ll have to leave you. 😦 OK, that’s downward spiralling to the worst case scenario but still, I don’t want to do all this stuff. I just wanna have the longest and best summer ever and for it to never end. Please?

And I’ve decided today, how much I loathe ‘study break’. For one thing, you carry around an incredible burden of guilt whenever you find yourself doing something un-study related. But also, I don’t get to see you. I don’t get to see anyone, actually, but you’re the most important person for me to see. I miss you. It’s only been 4 days, but there’s 4 more to go. And I hardly talk to you during the day either because we’re both ‘studying’ a.k.a. doing anything that will keep my mind off you. Friday night couldn’t come sooner. I don’t care that it brings us closer to exams. It brings me closer to you, and that is all I need.


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