We’re only human.

Favourite people du jour (because I’m allowed to have favourites, pssht…)

  • Boyd/Alex/Alex Boyd (your identity doesn’t need to be concealed…everyone bloody knows you 😛 And the title of this post is actually stolen from you, so thanks.)
  • Marisa (you have to check out her blog, she’s my blogging twin. And an absolute darling.)
  • Clive/Sheldon/Celdon/Shlive (HAHAHA, SHLIVE! These are two separate people btw… Well uh, you took me to see Blakie. In KUTTAN. And fed me pizza. That’s enough to make me happy.)
  • Finally, and, of course, Blakie. I don’t even need to say why. You understand me, you let me have cuddles with you when you were supposed to be studying (naughty naughty 😉 ), and you just make every day brighter.

And well, ironically relating to the ‘human’ reference, in lit tutorial today (9-3 with one half-an-hour break…I KNOW!), we went through past questions for Paper 1, and I found my new favourite poem:

(love song, with two goldfish)

(He’s a drifter, always
floating around her, has
nowhere else to go. He wishes
she would sing, not much, just the scales;
or take some notice,
give him the fish eye.)

(Bounded by round walls
she makes fish eyes
and kissy lips at him, darts
behind pebbles, swallows
his charms hook, line and sinker)

(He’s bowled over. He would
take her to the ocean, they could
count the waves. There,
in the submarine silence, they would share
their deepest secrets. Dive for pearls
like stars.)

(But her love’s since
gone belly-up. His heart sinks
like a fish. He drinks
like a stone. Drowns those sorrows,
stares emptily through the glass.)

(the reason, she said
she wanted)
(and he could not give)
a life
beyond the

This has so many meanings and perspectives that I’d hate to have to write a commentary on it for fear of not doing it justice.

And to finish, I cannot believe that I’m yet to share this. My most favourite song in the word. (Seen live 18-03-09 – best concert I will ever go to.) And it’s surprisingly applicable to current situations. Lovelovelovelovelove~ 🙂


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