I should be male.


I wear a boy’s shirt to school. Not through choice, not through accident. But because ‘school shirts are too expensive’ (which is fair enough) so mother decided to go cheap. The shop my shirts are from probably went into liquidation the day after my mother gave it two bucks for my shirts, ha. But yes, un-shaped white shirts. Awesome. 2 days left of wearing them. Even better.

I successfully pulled off ‘the policeman’ look today. Boyd’s pants and jacket, tucked in shirt, my own tie and a proper little hat. I don’t even know what I looked like. Apparently it was convincing though, which further proves my point. Sigh. Oh well, funny moment that came out of it all (well actually there were heaps, but funny moment involving me…) Year 6 audience asking questions to each of the characters on stage. Kinda awkward for me seeing as I was only on stage for a grand total of approximately 10 seconds. Oh well, “Question for the police officer lady?” A bit of silence. Hand goes up. Boyd: “Yes little girl.” Paedo voice. Hahahaha. “Why are you wearing a silly hat?” Wow, intelligent question. I make up some story about only the important people getting to wear hats and how a hat somehow symbolises power. I think this is too deep for year 6 kids. They don’t really care. Oh well, my first bit of on-stage improv. Gotta start somewhere…

Also, the fact I’m wearing your pyjamas right now. Or rather, got dressed into them for dinner at your house, then drove home in them because I was too warm to be bothered getting changed. They’re very cuddly and cute and they make me feel all warm, which is good. I have realised literally this minute however, that this is not necessarily a male trait. More a characteristic of a slob/lazy bastard. So there you go, I’m part male, part lazy ass.

Finally, (and this isn’t necessarily a male thing either, but I just want to say it), after school today. TOTAL pimpette. Well, kinda. Me and you plus Boyd, Sheldon, Josh and Bobby. We didn’t even really do anything but it was still so much fun. I don’t want to sound stuck up or anything, but I honestly count myself lucky to have you be so awesome about me and your friends and everything. They say home is where the heart is, well I’ve found my home. With you and your boys and your family, I’m happy. It’s all I need. OK yes I am crying now (blah blah…stupid Emma, grow up, female…) but grrr, I owe you so much. All of you, but you especially. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 😀

Rediscovered this song via Marisaaaa’s blog. Lovelovelove 🙂 I think it says everything I need to say really.


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