Why today was a good day…

– It wasn’t cold, FINALLY winter’s on it’s way out.

– I followed Chris to school again. This is always fun.

– Had a morning bitch about French with Lizzie. Good vent.

– Hug as promised from my cute new BFF. Slightly awkward. Doesn’t matter. She gets me.

– Cute email from Blake (:

– Dylan came to music. We had a moment. “You look wonderfully radiant today.” 😀 He’s truly lovely that man.

– Maths portfolios back. 18/20. HOW?! But YAY!!! Going into my final IB maths exam with 80%. Couldn’t get much better (for me anyway…)

– Double study. Actually did work. A whole psychology essay in fact. Most productive study EVER.

– Jack confirmed I am a cool British Indie kid due to the content of my iPod. Always good to know.

– Deans. Saw you. Sat with you (and your lovely men). Cute play fight 🙂

– Shared birdseed crackers and cheese with Boyd. Sickening (taste) but amusing.

– Had some of your Freddo. Omnomnomnom.

– Chilled with you and your boys. I like them a lot. You’re all very much ‘my cuppa tea’ (for want of a descriptive British cliché).

– Highlighter wars. Steph owned my arm. I owned the whole of her a million times more by getting the blazer. Oh, yes.

– Kissed you. Bye bye.

– Cultural committee fun. Beat Bobby to the policeman/officer’s helmet. Got a solo role too. Wow.

– The best 10 seconds of on-stage fame known to man. Actually, my apple is in the spotlight for longer than I am. But it doesn’t matter, the people make it worth it 🙂

– Drive home. Hot. Summer. Not too far away. 3 days left of term. YES. Feeling happy so decide to be the annoying driver that gives way to all those people who want to turn right into the traffic jam. Ignored the bastard behind me. I got 2 thank-you waves which is more important.

– Only maths homework. Might start study. Might not. Actually, definitely won’t. Relaxing night. I need one. I’ll start tomorrow 😛


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