I love GIFs.

This is an artist’s impression of me (and one other token Frenchie) at approximately 4:30pm on Thursday 18th November. As is quite obvious from the animation, we are both bouncing with absolute uncontrollable delight upon the back of this monster known only as ‘IB’ as if to say ‘GOOD RIDDANCE FOREVER YOU EVIL SELFISH BUGGER’ (the rhyming there was completely unintentional). After doing this for a good hour or so, I believe the plan will be to celebrate with those who have also finished by doing nothing (because man, we won’t have done that for a while…) Then, a few days later, we will gather all those kids who have also done the dirty on IB and well and truly chuck him off a cliff through means of intoxication and sleepless nights (sleepless through partying I stress, not work).

I cannot wait 😀


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