‘Me’ time.

I don’t actually mind being on my own. Last night, it meant I could watch The Vicar of Dibley and Ab Fab on TV without living in fear of my mother demanding “What’s that trash?” Also meant I could go to bed early without feeling like I had to live up to the I’m-a-teenager-so-I-stay-up-late expectation. And no work today means that I will actually get some study done! After I share these few things… 🙂

So, after one whole night’s planning on Wednesday which involved this…

(actually ended up with 73 goddamn comments in the end 😛 ) …we had a very successful day, and comfortable to say the least, dressed as this… Howie the bear enjoyed his first day at school too, despite be molested and abused by some people, haha!

Just came across this quote which I like and I think fits in perfectly with my blog:

“A hug can turn your day around, it’s like an emotional Heimlich. Someone puts their arms around you, and they give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety comes shooting out of your mouth, and you can breathe again.”

Every hug of yours does that to me 😀

And then, finally, this song:

Reminds me of before the last holidays and driving in your car going places. You give me the best memories bubs, I love you.


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