32 hours.

…since we last spoke. Is it pathetic that I actually counted that? Not really. Some people may think it’s silly that not even 2 days have passed and I still miss you. Truth is, I feel alone every moment that I’m not with you. Every minute without you by my side is another minute where I feel completely alone. Absolutely completely alone. I know I’m not, not really. I could talk to people if I wanted to. Except no-one matters like you do, and no-one else has your exceptional ability to make me feel warm without actually physically being with me. It’s been raining all day, non-stop. We could have had the perfect day. This is our cuddle weather. But instead you’re out there somewhere, undoubtedly cold and wet and tired, and I’m here procrastinating by blogging about stuff which no-one actually gives a shit about except you. It’s just that I miss you, that’s all.

One thing I finally did do today is replace the ridiculously old remnant of my earlier teen self on my bedroom wall (a McFly poster, would you believe) and put our ball photos up. I also made a little photo montage of pictures of us and pandas to stick next to them 🙂 I’ll try to take a photo of it to show you and post soon.


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