Cold coffee.

This always happens to me! I get the huge urge to make myself some shitty instant coffee (mainly because I need to wake up, not because I’m a ‘coffee person’), but then, inevitably: first sip, too hot, ok cool, carry on computering and all that, second sip, mmm ok, perfect, want more but OH WAIT, LOOKBOOK, DISTRACTION (internet becomes far more appealing than coffee), so by the third sip, yeah, cold, waste, ugh.

Anyway, yes, lookbook. Was finally persuaded this week to get an account thingy of my own so, naturally, I’ve been browsing away, wasting time. There’s some freakin’ cool people out there with a bloody amazing dress sense (I wish I had the time to go Op Shopping to find some cool stuff!) This photo below strikes me as being really fucking hip though. Makes me want to dye my hair again!!! (might wait til summer holidays though). And note to self: never discard ripped tights. They can look awesome.

Also, last night/today – 😀 You are SO uber cute. I actually completely bloody loved last night; couples night in with food and games and TV and music and everyone getting on and not having to worry about LIFE (too much). I love you, I love your friends (who are actually kinda my friends now too…hehe), I love munching feel-good food with you, snuggling in bed, music-ing, watching movies and talking to you until we fall asleep; Saturday morning drives to the beach singing to Dean Martin, walking, wearing your hat, pointing out cute dogs we want… Speaking of which, want? 🙂

😀 You’re my world.


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