Things I think about:

– Whether making lists actually helps at all

– Whether school work is really worth all this excessive effort

– How next year’s going to play out

– Why I tell you everything

– Why I won’t tell you what the matter is

– The reason that I’m sad

– Why I blame you

– Why I can’t not talk to you

– The fact that I want you too much

– Reasons why I love you

– Why I get a silent response whenever I try to talk to my friends back home

– Why I ignore the ones who do try to talk to me

– Being forgotten

– Needing a camera

– Wanting more time to waste

– The things you say in your sleep

– The things I say in my sleep

– Whether they mean anything

– Losing my mind

– Bothering at all

– Leaving home

– The way you understand me

– Needing one other person to talk to who’ll actually listen

– Who will actually read this

– Who will care


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