Porridge and pyjamas.

Another Saturday night when I don’t have time to be doing this but I am anyway.

One slice of toast and mug of coffee for breakfast, ham roll and chips for lunch…why do I feel to full to eat a proper dinner? Oh wait, 1kg of gummy snakes? Yeah, that might be it 😛 I didn’t eat the whole 1kg though, you ate more (maybe?) and there’s still some left over anyway. This explains my need for porridge and golden syrup as a poor excuse for a Saturday night dinner in any case.

And the pyjamas? At 8:30pm? Well, you’re not here to talk to. No-one is in fact. House is empty. I’ve been out for the whole day so shouuuuuld really be trying to edit my WL essays now. But meh. Sitting in bed, snuggled in fluffy dressing gown and pyjamas, listening to cute songs, eating my porridge and reading old texts is a far better substitute.

And speaking of ‘old texts’, the first text you ever sent me? “Hehe, luv you 2”. How did we know we’d end up like this? I hate to be cliché and loveydovey, but destiny has got to have something to do with it. “You are my everything.” You’re mine too.

Porridge/pyjamas thingy: (OK, admittedly this isn’t taken in bed, but the idea’s still there…)

And cute music?

Oh and btw, I think we is cute 😀


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