This is good for you.

Yes, this. This thing right here. Well, not actually you reading it (although I’m sure it’s not harming you) but, I’ve mentioned before how my English teacher tries to get us to write blog posts on his special ENGRISH blog about our texts and stuff. Well, I never do it (naturally) but I do this and well, apparently my writing is very fluent and worthy of a 7 (which is the highest grade thingy you can get in IB). So yeah, screw you school blogging…MY blog is actually helpful in regard to my school-work AND life in general 😀

I made one of these cool buggers as a mini-celebration:
I like how the important words from my homepage today are the biggest ones. It’s a pretty good summary of what I write about 🙂

And seeing as ‘future’ is up there, might be worth mentioning how fucking scared I am of it. Not scared in the sense that I don’t want to go and explore the world and all that, I do. But I wish I just knew exactly what I was doing. All I know is that a Bachelor of Music sounds like a fun/interesting thing to do so, because of course I’d hate to let down my parents *rolls eyes* it’s my only real option. But the thing is, I don’t want to go anywhere that you’re not going. That’s what I’m essentially scared of – not being able to be near you next year because of some stupid university logistic. Grrr, I kinda wanna skip the whole uni thing and just bloody grow-up, get a sweet job, be happy. Life ain’t all downhill though.

This is playing on my iPod atm…pretty apt:


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