Sunday recovery.

After a sweet Saturday night, you have to have a decent, chilled-out Sunday. Unfortunately with SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLUGGHASDFGGFSDSDFG, I can’t really do that. But I can do second best 🙂

So, my day looks like this: shake off disorientated-from-the-night-before morning feeling, have jelly and custard for breakfast, cuddles, get home, facebook (of course), make a hot cup of coffee, get fudge, dunk, do work. Omnomnom, today is such a healthy food day 😛 But thank you for the fudge (even if you did eat all the non-chocolatey ones…)

PS. That is definitely not facebook on the laptop screen. Honest…

And if anything can sum up last night, this can:

Absolutely love.


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