Perfect for a rainy Sunday?

…holy shit, it’s FRIDAY! Why is it not a Sunday?!…Sunday’s are the ultimate chill-out-and-do-sweet-f-all day. And unfortunately, every day of these holidays has felt like a bloody Sunday. Monday’s gonna be a bit of a shock to the system…

Anyway, today:

Woke up with you 😀 Except my feet are smaller than that and my nails are currently red.

Made hot chocolate and toast for breakfast (in bed of course) Except ours was more burnt than in that picture 😛

Watched this to put off going home. The whole 9 parts on Youtube.

Listened to this on the way home. It’s my new favourite song. I love Chris Martin.

And this is me now – in my pyjamas with my Starbucks mug full of hot milky coffee, getting my work ‘done’ (between blogging…)

Now tell me why it’s not a Sunday?


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