Some game.

Something to kill time whilst putting off doing EE:

1. What is your name: Emma
2. A four letter word: Easy
3. A boy’s name: Edward
4. A girl’s name: Edina
5. An occupation: Engineer
6. A colour: Emerald
7. Something you wear: Eye patch
8. A food: Egg (eww)
9. Something found in the bathroom: Ear buds
10. A place: England
11. A reason for being late: Eaten by a panda
12. Something you shout: EWW!
13. A movie title: E.T.
14. Something you drink: Earl Grey tea
15. A musical group: Empire of the Sun
16. An animal: Elephant
17. A street name: East Coast Bays Rd
18. A type of car: Edsel
19. Something scary: Electric shocks?
20. Ice cream flavour: Espresso Swirl

Well that was an extremely huge waste of time. Although I did add 50 words to my EE in the process. Fabulous.

Annnnnd, I just found this CD from yonks ago. Bit of an inspiration pour moi.


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