Good stuffs.

To go along with the whole turning – into + theme, (which is ‘negative into positive’ if you couldn’t figure it out. Not ‘minus into positive’ as Blakie told me the other day. Hehe 😛 ) I’m going to, whenever I blog or if I’m needing a reason to write a new post, just write about some good shit that’s happened dans ma vie. I figure even the smallest things can give you a lift sometimes and put the negatives into perspective.

So, this is actually a few from yesterday and the day before as well, but whatever.

– Hell’s Pizza a couple of nights ago. A MILLION times better than having to put up with another of Mum’s pasta dishes. And a happy tummy afterwards 😀

– Night with Blakie. Hot water bottle and cuddles. ’nuff said.

– Budget shopping (which would usually kinda be a bit of a depressing occasion) BUT! Found the cuuuuuutest panda hoodie!! Think I might end up living in this 🙂

– And finally, this isn’t really a positive but what the hell. I managed to wake up before 11am today. Woopy doo. Haha…yeah, I’m yet to actually make use of the extra hour and a bit I’ve been awake for, but I HAVE proved to myself that I can get out of bed in the mornings. Yus. Oh, and also, I’m having an ‘I-don’t-give-a-shit-what-I-look-like’ day. Just for a change. So yeah, just don’t turn up at my house today? Seriously.


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