Turning – into +

WordPress decided to be nice/a bitch to me. Nice because it suggested this new website to me to diminish Writer’s Block and provide a bit of inspiration. But fuck, whatabitch. Now I have even more reason to avoid school work. Fan-bloody-tastic.

BUT. I’m OK without that for now. In fact, I’m gonna be self-disciplined and write a short post today. I came across a blog yesterday and the title of it inspired me. So, I’ve taken it, named this post after it, and am going to make it my (kind of) new month-ish resolution, if that works? Eh…I’m turning over a new leaf anyway. Enough of being in my dark, depressive hole, longing after things but doing nothing about it, suppressing thoughts and feelings… As of today, I’m going to make every goddamned  effort to look on the bright side of things. Hopefully it’ll make things easier and everything can just be a nice bit happier 🙂

And I’ll just share with you my new Google background:
I only just reverted from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome today (I know…technology dinosaur…) But this panda is SO CUTE! I’ll be honest, I’ve been opening my Google homepage every 5 minutes just so I can smile at the cute cuddliness 😛


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